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Metal taste

Hi everyone,

Been viewing the forums for a week now and am

Amazed by the support and kindness shown by everyone.

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the

Same symptom as me, I stopped cold turkey 11 days ago now and so far so good. But for the last few days I have had the horrible taste of

Metal in my mouth.

Does anyone else suffer from this? Do you know what's causing this and any tips to get rid would be appreciated.

Apologies for any typos I am using my phone to type!!

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Hi Jaimiej

Welcome and congrats on your quit. You have come to the right place for advice and support. The bad taste i also had but it soon went omly thing is I used gum to get rid and cant stop eating it now. Green extra. Maybe its our taste buds getting back to normal.xxxx


Thanks for your message of support.

Funny you should mention chewing gum, I think I am

Spending the same on airwaves that I was spending on the cigs ;-)



That taste of metal in your mouth could be just your body chemistry re-balancing now that nicotine isn't present. You're probably noticing other things happening such as your sleep patterns out of synch too. It'll all balance out soon....but will be better 'cos of the absence of nicotine.

Congrats, nearly 2 weeks done.


I've had all sorts of manky tastes since I quit.

I've been told taste buds are comeing back alive after years of being battered by all the crap in fags.

Done the same as mentioned and used lots of airwaves gum:)


Hi Jaimie

Welcome to the forum and well done on 11 days quit I haven't had a metal taste so cannot help I'm afraid but suspect that as Cav says it is body getting back to normal and starting to recover from the abuse caused by smoking

Keep posting and we will all help if we can

Good Luck



Ditto re: the Airwaves, whoever posted that tip in 'Tips' thank you a million times, it's the best gum particularly in the first 2 week phase....


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