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Day 11 - boring long meeting at work

Hey all,

So I'm onto day 11...not long til my 2 week mark...but today hasn't been easy as was having a boring food hygiene meeting at work...8 long hours of something droning on about stuff which is just simple common sense.

All I wanted was a fag but I just stocked up on boiled sweets instead which helped but that I was still conscious that I wanted a fag.

Home now but all on my own as the boys are having a 2nd sleepover at nanna salad (that's what they call my mum haha) but will persevere through this day and sail into day 12...

Come on :)

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My mum is called Sally and they kept saying salad so I just stuck lol


Keep it going Phil I was in a very tedious meeting a well today soooo dull, started to feel a bit edgy then realised my patch had fallen off :eek: made my excuses and went to the loo to sort it out big time! ( it was on my bum) :D so I empathise with you completely we got through it though :) deserves a treat I think x


I do sympathise- there are few things worse than that sinking feeling which comes at the start of one of those meetings is there? The feeling of doom as you contemplate the hours of your life you will never get back. Doodling, staring inanely into space and chewing your pen will only take you so far. Imagining everyone in the room naked can be moderately amusing, if a tad childish. ;)

Well done both of you for getting through it and especial congratulations to Donna for being conciencious enough to return to the meeting after making good her escape to the toilet. I'm sure the temptation to climb out of the window and make a break for it must have been almost irrisistible. :D


Hello Phil. :)

I haven't had the opportunity to welcome you yet...... so here I am now late to the party again :cool:

You are off to a running start, keep it up.

Best wishes


Ahhh a food hygiene meeting. To someone like me who has OCD that sounds like heaven :)


Karri, we'll have to cunningly disguise you as Phiip and smuggle you in next time. ;)


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