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No Smoking Day
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1 month gone and starting to struggle

Hi everyone,

Just new to the forum today. Have stopped smoking for 1 month today and for the first three weeks everything was fine. Am feeling really proud of myself. However over the last couple of days cigarettes are creeping back into my thoughts and when I was out over the weekend, if I had been offered I would have had one. Glad I didn't! :p

Haven't had any other major side effects apart from my throat is starting to really hurt. Is this usual?:confused:

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A sore throat is quite normal, and may or may not be to due with quitting... it may just be one of the many bugs doing the rounds.

It's also quite normal for a few days to be tougher than the ongoing trend. Just stay strong and fight those moments... and it will go back to being easier pretty quickly.

Have a good read around and post often, you will find this place a really big help in your quit :D

Oh, and finally.... WELL DONE ON A MONTH!


Hello there,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the month, as for the sore throat as far as I know thats pretty usaul I had one for about a week. Keep up the good work on your quit.




.... know the feeling... creeps up on you around the 1 month mark and again after 2.5/3 months.... and in lesser intervals after that.... RESIST!!!! RESISTANCE is NEVER futile......


I'm into my fourth week now. I've found (a bit like dieting) if you are denied any one particular thing you crave it. Same with fags. They are taken away from you, you are told you are not going to smoke ever again so naturally you want what you can't have. Cigarettes are not banned - I am free to buy them if I wish, free to light up if I want and I can resume smoking at any stage in my life if I so want - by giving myself a choice I know I can make the right decision and that is not to smoke.


Hi and welcome to the forum

Congrats on being quit for a month the sore throat seems to be a common problem for a lot of us


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