Finding things a bit tough atm

Day 26

Wow i never thought i would get to the end of 1 week and now 3 weeks and 5 days later.

I am very proud to of come this far but i am struggling a wee bit atm, not sure why but in the last week now i have had almost like a panic attack, which is quite scarey, thankfully only had them twice now.

Not sure why i have them but thought maybe it is because the memories of smoking are drifting further and further away and my sub concious is trying to throw a spanner in the works, sound feasible?? lol or maybe im just going mad errrrrmmmmmmm

Miss my quit buddy too Joanne32 :( where are you?



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  • Crikey Denise - you are the rock on this forum, you're the one with the good advice and the right words at the right time.

    But I suppose you are as vunerable as everyone to the nico-demons. You know they will attack whenever they can and having a panic about the future without ciggies is a good time to attack.

    Please try to celebrate the fact that you have a future without ciggies - you have got through so many situations now without needing a fag, you can face anything. If it does panic you that you won't ever smoke again, then do as I do - promise yourself a cigarette to celebrate your 99th birthday! That usually just makes me smile at the thought of getting to 99 and the thought of telling fellow old folk in the home where I'll be that I started smoking at the age of 99.

    Keep strong Denise -I am feeling a bit cr*p at the moment but I think I have a bit of a bug or virus that is like flu. It's not making me want to smoke though - quite the opposite!

  • Denise hang in there you'll only have to go through the whole sorry process again. could be the panic attacks are your lungs in shock of getting so much oxygen! I know that panic attacks can be helped by breathing slowly in and out of a brown paper bag, although you may look a little silly.

  • Aww thank you both and Jerry you have a nice early night hun, and hope you feel better soon :)

    You must not worry i would never have a ciggy, just its really weird why i am having (although its only 2)like panic attacks when i dont miss i said i can only think its my sub concious trying to revert me back to the nicotine road.

    Would be interesting to know if anyone else has had similar.

    Thanks b&h i have read that before about the brown paper bags, thing is you can never find one now days everything is plastic isnt it lol



  • Greengrocers and McDonalds, not that I would recommend McDonalds apart from their paper bags :D

  • Thanks b&h i have read that before about the brown paper bags, thing is you can never find one now days everything is plastic isnt it lol



    Good point! Don't go putting a plastic one over your head Denise - that's worse than smoking for your health!

    I think we have to remember that we have been pumping poison into our bodies for a good few years and at some point withdrawing this will have some kind of an effect. That will probably bring on a panic attack and is probably what is making me feel pretty sh1tty at the mo.

    Stick it out - we'll get through these tough moments and we'll be stronger than ever!

  • Greengrocers and McDonalds, not that I would recommend McDonalds apart from their paper bags :D

    Oh my you are right...dashing of to McDonalds, they do make a very tasty bean burger, not sure what the relish is but it is yummy.

    Thank you BB you always say the right think at the right time :)

    Jerry i think you are right hun, its got to come out somewhere all the years of punishing our bodys to nicotine.

    Get better soon hun



  • I'm here Denise!!

    Hi Denise

    Soooo proud of you!!! You really got me through those first couple of weeks and I couldn't have done it without you.

    I'm finding it a bit easier now so I guess that I haven't needed the forum as much but I should have come on to support you and Jerry Lee and everyone else. I've just been trying to keep out and about and busy I think.

    I've had panic attacks a long time ago in the past, when I felt very insecure and unsure about things and they are horrible!!! I totally empathise with you. I hope they don't come back to you because it's the last thing you need right now.

    The best thing to do is to tell people around you and that can take a bit of the pressure off. The other thing is the more you think about having an anxiety attack and worry about them, the more often they can come. It's very unsettling at the time I know.

    You just have to breathe and just laugh at it. You're body and mind are still going through a massive change and so it's all a bit wobbly right now. You just have to think, OK body and mind, I'm putting us through quite an experience by quitting the cigs so there's bound to be a few kick backs to this!!! Accept it, laugh at how complex we are and think, so what?!!

    I think from time to time- Is this who I am? Am I a non- smoker? Do I want to be? It soon fades- when all else fails- use distraction- watch TV, read, eat, anything!!

    I want you there with me on NYE 2009 so don't let me down!!

    Sending you lots of love and positive thoughts xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Denise

    Well done on your achievement so far and the great support you are giving to everyone!

    You could do with re-focusing your mind on what you are trying to achieve, if you are using Allen Carr's book re-read it or sift through Whyquit, I went through much anxiety at the thought of never ever smoking again, but in time and with more focus, it will all fall into place.

    Best wishes


  • Babes so sorry i missed this yesterday. hope you feel better really soon remember what I said when you need to take one day at a time. Dont think about next week or next month just today. Not been on site much my sons partner went into early labour thursday she is only 28 weeks. So we been at the hospital a lot panic over for now they managed to stop the contrations for now.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Morning Denise,

    Hope you're feeling much better today.... I know exactly what you mean though, I had the same last weekend but I feel ok again now.... if you can just get through those low periods you'll be even prouder of yourself. Just remember it's nicotine and the addiction trying it's hardest to play with your mind, you are far too strong to let it win, keep at it Denise you are doing brilliantly :)

  • Hi Denise

    Like Linda so sorry i missed this yesterday :o

    sorry you are feeling bad at the moment as linda said take one day at a time you are doing great just keep going mind over matter YOU WILL WIN hope you feel better soon we are all here for you

    Love margaretxxxxxxxx


    Hope your son partner and baby continue OK it is good they could stop contractions

    Don't know if this will help or not might give you a laugh or a groan but this happened to me 34 years ago Stuart was the result although he of course had to be difficult and went over due so had to be started in the end

    Goodluck and love


  • Did make me grin marg trust him. Things have settled for now. How many children have you got Ive got two sons one daughter and one grand child so far.xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda

    Glad things have settled down so pleased i made you feel a little better I have 5 children 1 Daughter 4 Sons and 6 Grandchildren ranging in age from 21 to almost 3 {Stuarts son} also have some stepchildren with children but unhappily have lost touch with them

    Love Margaretxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D

  • Thank you all so much, it really does help to know that there are people out there to give some advise and support when needed.

    Thanks Nic, I have been reading over and over again since i got home, seems to be helping, i know i do need to re focus and get everything back in to perspective.

    I wont give in, i just find it a bit hard to understand how i can have these panics of missing ciggys when i dont feel that i do, i guess i am deep down but pushing it to one side.

    Its comforting in a way to know that others have gone through similar.

    Thanks again everyone.



  • Hi Denise - glad you are feeling better.

    I feel 100% better today! Yesterday I really thought I was coming down with some life threatening illness but now I feel on top of the world again.

    There are lots of ups and downs aren't there?!

    I think the ups definitely outweigh the downs though.

    Keep it up - it's getting easier.:)

  • So pleased you are feeling better today hun, it really did sound like the onset of flu, i guess it was just another side effect after could write a novel on the side effects alone lol

    The ups definately do out weigh the down :)

    Thanks again hun for the help yesterday, we will get there im certain of that.



  • Denise, last week I had what could be described as panic attacks, every now and then I just felt a rush of impending doom fill my chest then I got light headed for a moment then it cleared. I didn't really put it down to stopping but who knows??

    As for re focussing I know what you mean, I really have struggled this last week, thinking about fags all the time. I don't think I would actually cav but it still seems to be on my mind most of the time.

    Great to see so many of us MB's still going so well, everyone give themselves a big pat on the back :D:D

  • Huge pats on backs to all

    Sleep well.

    Here's to waking up tomorrow and having that lovely feeling that the one thing we don't have to worry about is giving up smoking anymore :) x

  • Hope your all feeling much better today. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • So true Kipper :)

    Thank you Linda i feel so much better then i did do.

    Hope all is well for you hun



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