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Things are tough


Hi all, I don't like to post too negative a post as to bring others 'down' I just get on with it but bloody hell things are tough. Yesterday wasn't about here becasue of work (meetings). This morning I've been salivating for cigs to the point where I went into the garage on the way to work to get some, parked up then thought no and drove off again. The way I'm feeling now is I could (and wish :o) I hadn't listened to 'reason' and got them.

What the hell is wrong, I don't remember it being this tough last time round. For goodness sakes Tinks, get a grip.

I wish I'd never ever ever started to smoking, it's easier to train ourselves to smoke than what it is to quit

Tinks xx

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Oh Tinks, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. It's so aggravating when you've come this far to still be feeling like this, I know. But I'm sure if you can last out today you will get past it, you mustn't let the demons get the better of you. Just keep reminding yourself, having a fag won't make it better. You choose not to smoke, just for today.

Take care mate, hang in there xxxx

oh poor you.

i know how you feel,the other night i made my husband go out and get me some(i didnt smoke them)

some times the cravings are so are doing so well,can you imagine how you would feel having to go back to the beginning?:(

just try and remember why you wanted to give up in the 1st place.

hope the day improves.xx

Hi Tink hunni,

I totaly know how you are feeling however you are doing so well and you are way ahead of me so please don't give up as your one of the people I look at to move forward!

Today I am also really wanting a smoke, worse than any other day since I quit on Monday, not sure what it is? Maybe it's because I know it if Friday and Friday night is my drinking night however I am going to try and not drink so that I dont' fold like a paper house in the wind.

Keep going hunni, it will all get better & easier soon!!!

Shaz x

Good morning Tink

Please, please, please Hun dont go and let yourself down by having one of those nasty things. You know you can do this and you can beat that naughty Mr Nic who as per usual is trying to make you give in. Dont listen to him you dont need one, you know you dont and so tell Mr Nic to sod off!

Hunni, this time i feel is the last time you will have to go through this and you should be well chuffed that you have come this far. You know you can get through it and move on so stay strong. We are all rooting for you. If i can do it then so can you.

Well done on not buying any from the garage though as that had shown tremendous courage in saying NOPE.

I know it can be hard at times esp at the begnning and your in the 3 week mark again which is when we start to get the horrid "3's" but you can do this.

Good luck my friend

Tinks i'm really sorry you are having a tough time today. It was a close call in the garage, but you did drive off empty handed so that does account for something.

Don't let this feeling snowball into something uncontrollable, it can easily happen and somewhere along the day you have to find a moment to say bo***cks to all this and have some time to yourself to take some control and calm down. Once you can calm yourself down, you will feel mentally stronger and the craving won't be all consuming. Do whatever you can to get you're thoughts moving on, if you can, find something to make you laugh (easily said I know), or go somewhere and scream and cry. Either will help.

Get yourself a treat at lunch time and congratulate yourself on your willpower this morning, you do deserve it.



What the hell is wrong, I don't remember it being this tough last time round. For goodness sakes Tinks, get a grip.

Sound advice me thinks Tinks!!! Now as the old saying goes - no harm, no foul!! You didn't buy any smokes, and more power to you.

This is going to be a tough fight Tinks, but the very fact you haven't given up following events over the last couple of days shows you are "up for it".

Nows the time to dig in and show Mr Nic no weakness, eventually he will get bored and go and pick on someone else (hopefully not me!!).

Stay strong Tinks you are doing great.;)

Hello my lovelie people

What would I do without you all hey? :)

A kit kat and a ploughmans roll later and I'm feeling better :o

Hey I know this is tough, if it was easy we wouldn't be here and there would be no smokers right?

The last thing I want to do is make anyone feel low or flat or my moaning turns a good day into a bad day - sorry if I have

So onwards and upwards right, I'm marching right on through that wall, I'm being pulled back quite a lot but I'll keep tugging harder :)

It's wearing me thin mind and I'm a bit of an emotional wreck today even to the point I'm typing the message and welling up (how pathetic).

When I get home tonight I'm going to have a nice bath and glass of something alcoholic and just chillax.

Thanks again

Tinks xx

P.S. John - not sure what you mean 'events over the last couple of days' you meaning the dream etc??

Yes Tink, Treat yourself to a nice bath, just becareful not to fall asleep in it as I did the other night as you end up looking like a wrinkled prune hahaha!

A drink may not be such a good idea as you may let down your barriers a lot easier than you would without! - I do understand tho people differ and you may have it easier when having a little tipple :) :D

Shaz\ x

Don't worry about saying how you feel, that's what this place is for. It won't put off people behind you on the road - nobody comes into this thinking there won't be any bad days - and besides, it shows them that bad days can be overcome.

Glad you're feeling better. Hope the day continues to improve xxx

Sorry I wasn't here for this before... totally agree with belles here, sharing is what the site is for so nevermind if you just had a bad morning, well all get them :)

Besides, posts like these remind me about how hard it was in the beginning, which really makes me think twice when Mr.Nic is playing games ("you've quit for this long, it wasn't hard and you could always do it again" - That's what he says to me sometimes!). Your post just proves that nobody knows how their 2nd,3rd,4th quit will go... so just stick with the one you've got!

Glad you've cheered up tinks :)

Hey Tinks,

Days like this come and go .... they do get less intense and reduce in frequency, but wow, some days hit like a steam train and can really knock you for six

Keep up with the positive messages to yourself .... reinforce that positive spirit of yours and soon the negative feelings will lift.

Your evening plans sound great. Hide the wine well .... the thought of Christine climbing the down pipe and doing a runner with your wine ... ;)

Keep the shoulders braced now ..... head up and onwards you go :)

Pol x

Hey all -

Thanks Pol :)

I had to run a few errands for work in town and treated myself to a nice new handbag.

Retail therapy just what the doctor ordered :D

Hands off the wine, step away from the wine, do not touch the wine :rolleyes:


Hey all -

Hands off the wine, step away from the wine, do not touch the wine :rolleyes:


You can keep the wine hunni as long as I can have the cans of lager :D

Shaz x

Hands off the wine, step away from the wine, do not touch the wine :rolleyes:


Ha, ha ... now there's a gauntlet thrown ;)

Nice treat there Tinks ... it is big enough to hold a bottle? You may have to guard both :p

I am well impressed with you Tinks, here you are saying how rough you feel and yet did you buy the cigs, naaaaa you didnt even get out of the car which if you are honest probably wasnt easy so stop beating your self up and moan moan and more moan if it helps, as someone else said thats what the site is here for so you can have a great bit sigh and tell us how you feel, better than pretending you feel great and going off and having one surely.

If its getting you down we all want to know and if you feel good we want to know that as well.

I am sorry you are finding it tough. There will be days like this. I am hasving a bad myself. Lot's of urges to go and buy cigs today. I think it is because my SIL is coming for dinner and she smokes. But one cigarette willundo all the hard work and the next I know I will be back here in a years time starting another quit. This is what I keep reminding myself. I try to stay positive but you're right, it is not easy. Retail therapy is a good diversion. I did some today. Not a new handbag, but a meat slicer!

Have a restful weekend.

A meat slicer, wow! Careful not to use that in a crave-related bad temper :D :D

Pol, The bag is big enough for a couple of bottles of wine and a few cans, a ladies bag can never be big enough after all we generally carry round everything apart from the kitchen sink, right? Well I do anyway. Anyone tries to put their hands on my lush new bag then they will face my kung fu panda moves :D

Shaz I enjoy me lager and cider too but I trying to be more sophisticated in my old age and quaf wine instead :rolleyes:

Meat slicer Ellie Ummmm, I could probably fit that in my new bag too. Never enough bags and certainly never enough shoes, I didn't have time for shoe shopping but I treated myself to a new lippie also, feel much better now

Jam - I know and thank you :)

Hels - your're right Ellie's meat slicer could potenitally be a dangerous weapon :D

Thanks all again

I hope we are all having better days now xx

Hi Tinkerbelle - I've posted this somewhere else, but want to offer the thoughts to you. I smoked heavily for 40 years. This quit I guess is my 7th or 8th? Each time, I went through all the agony stuff and convinced myself that life without smoking was no life. I told myself life without smoking wasn't worth it, the sacrifice was too big; that I deserved to smoke. I used to wake up and tell myself "brilliant, another day of smoking ahead". Horseshit. This time, I've simply changed the whole approach. I just tell myself that life without smoking is better. That smoking is a viscious circle - it's a poison that feeds on itself. Starve the poison. I stopped smoking for one reason above all - I don't want to smoke any more. I want to escape. There's no way I'm going to put myself back into that prison, and spend the rest of my life either trying to escape, or telling myself that I'm happy to live behind bars. Then turn the whole thing round. Just try and get rid of the feeling that quitting is deprivation. For me right now, it's freedom!! Something that I've wanted for 20 years. I just wish I could get how I feel across to you through this keyboard. Don't give in. Good luck, Jeremy

Remember, smokers envy non-smokers.

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