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Still finding it tough but hanging in there :)

I'm well into month 4.... finding it really tough. I apologise to those new comers for saying this... but it's not like this for everyone :)

The feelings of wanting a ciggie are frequent and long lasting for me at the moment.... I still go to bed before 9.00pm (this way I can avoid those 'evil' feelings). I am wearing myself out trying to keep busy. My feet and ankles ache something wicked, sore throats, hips aching etc... my gums bleed and teeth ache - what can I say but my brain is crying out 'HAVE A CIGGIE AND YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER'.

Do you know what? I almost believe it!

Two things at this moment in time that are stopping me taking that puff - first, my lungs are clear and working amazingly well (no wheezing) and the other, my ex-smoking brother says - the longer time goes on, the less likely you are to want a ciggie. He said, you will always want one at some time or another but its like a fleeting thought and so easy to ignore.

I'm not there yet, I have been feeling very wobbly but I continue to live a non-smoking life which can only be a good thing :)

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Sorry to hear your having trouble. A few posters have come back here to this site recently telling us they are still of the cigs and how happy they are to be done with them. There is light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately the tunnel can be very long for some and the light very dim at this point but it absolutely will get brighter, I'm sure of it, we have long time quitters telling us just that and they remember how hard the journey was but are happy they stuck to it. You will be happy again someday as well, listen to your brother stay strong and continue posting and reading and venting as often as you like or feel the need to. You can do this!!! Believe in yourself, I believe in you be able to stick with it.


Hi Celestine....

I can really feel for you, i felt just like that alot of the time in my last quit attempt and that time at that point i did decide i would be happier if i smoked, at least until i could get some more understanding and knowledge in order to fight the battle more effectively....

well today is your lucky dont have to start smoking and then stop again, (i have done that for you and will let you into my secret) i now very happily (never imagined i would be saying that) jump into month 4 of my quit, i think i might have cracked it.... Q....why does having a ciggy make you feel better?????

A...because a rush of nicotine attaches to its receptors and this causes a SURGE of Dopamine...our happy chemical...this is predominantly what causes us to feel good and then we assiciate everything that happens during that bit of time with the ciggy...but its not....its the our brain...nothing much to do with the ciggy at all really... so hey my mission became to find ways of getting my brain to still deliver surges of happy chemicals..of which we have a few for you see...if we sit in our misery , thinking how nice that fag is and how rubbish everything is without it, we are keeping the gates of our transmitters closed....even just the act of laughing will cause dopamine to release which will make us feel better. However i was in such a misery just a month ago and so decided to try taking a herbal remedy to help hack into my happy....and hey presto it has worked, almost instantly.....i generally feel better, miss smoking so much less, feel motivated again, sleep better...and laugh and smile again......well i hope that helps a wee bit,,,

Stick with it and plan your attack on that nasty brain sound so determined, i know you will find your way....very well done so far...reward yourself..its good for you..x


Celestine - be proud! The harder the fight, the stronger you are. Celebrate, spoil yourself :)

Melli - that's wonderful; laughter really IS the best medicine!


Hello Celstine, again. good to hear you're doing well, and you are! Are you still on champix? I'm not and I am going through a difficult phase, 4 months in! I've slipped in my posting. Not good. Come on here frequently, and winge if you need.


Hello celestine

Really glad you're still ok, was thinking about you recently x stay at it x


Dear Celestine, I feel for you so much, my friend. I hope as the days go on , your feeling better and life is treating you kinder. You are really doing amazingly well and I just hope you realize that!! 4 months is freakin' amazing, and I myself can't wait to get there!!:)

Please trust in your brother, things will get better and easier – they have to - otherwise people wouldn't quit would they??:confused: its just everyone is a little different with our timing and such, but we will all get there eventually, I'm sure of it!! :) Maybe you should stop trying to keep so busy all the time, to where you are so tired and stressed. You should try taking some days off and just pampering yourself with a bit of rest and relaxation – and enjoy your new life that breathes air in your lungs without wheezing!!! how great is that??

Maybe just watch a few hours of stupid TV shows, or play some mindless games on the computer, get your crayons out , do a jigsaw or read a totally romantic lusty kinda book (my personal favorite!!) :o or simply cook a totally new recipe for dinner tonight (not always my families choice:eek:) – but whatever you decide it will be a good choice, fun to do and just sorta fills the void right now - because deep down you know, a ciggie is not the answer, it will only ruin and undo all your hard work you have put in to this quit - that much I'm sure:):)

PS... I heard that chocolate and or wine are good for wobbles.............just saying is all :)


Hey Celestine Please please please hang on in there!! I really believe you won't feel better for having a will possibly feel dizzy and sick and on top of that totally p*ssed off with yourself for putting yourself back at day one!

I have been to hell and back on this giving up smoking.......slept all the time, lethargy then came along depression and anxiety..........things I have never experienced before giving up smoking..I have been off work 5 weeks with anxiety now but but but I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN........I am so scared about even having one puff and going back to day one.........What happens if I have to go through all this hell again? Not a chance........We have worked long and hard to be classified as non smokers.

I chew on airwaves chewing gum to help myself while breathing in deeply

Sometimes you just need to realise how amazing you are for getting this really are amazing 😄


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