No Smoking Day

On Tuesday.... 1 month

will be achieved and while I still go through bad moments (like earlier in week 3) I am running again and numerous other benefits have arrived...

Method CT... NO NICOTINE.... NO PATCHES... NO GUM.... nothing... pure will and I stress it since I have not had a physical craving since end of day 4 since there is no nicotine.... now for 22 days...

Next group here comes the 1st MB

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Hi there Steve

Well done for hanging in there, staying strong, and staying quit!! I know there have been hard points but you have overcome them and will, I'm sure, continue to do so.

Best wishes.



Go Steve! Well done


well done SteveyB, you are doing blooming fandaby dosey!!!!!;)


Go on Steve, you are leading us into the month 1 room, all being well I'll be joining you on Wednesday along with a few others :o


Well bloody done Mate you lead the way.xxxxxxx


Awesome job, Steve! Doing us 'stards proud!

Never take another puff!


Well done,

I've struggled this weekend but am determined not to smoke. Into week 3 today but it does worry me that I still think about cigarettes as a comfort. Wish it would pass.


Well Done!

Well done Steve! Bet you feel great, I'm day 22 today and feeling fine... after a horrendous weekend - I so nearly gave in...but didn't, thank goodness. See you in month 1 soon!


Well... thanks...

everyone... not sure how I feel about leading... at least not in this category, but so be it...

I have been doing okay, inspite of some dummy moments...

Yes, I too have been (in the past) around the 90 day mark when I caved in... or so I thought. I had actually not caved in as much as I had made a choice to start again, because let's face it I was well past the addiction mark (on any level). However, I had convinced myself (back then ) that it would help me cope with stress. AND to those that have thought of caving... I did not forget how amazing I thought the smoking was going to be and how very disappointed I was in the end. Yes, I got that elusive headrush... but that was about it... followed by rage at having submitted. I also thought (incorrectly) that it would instantly clear up the constipation... in truth it took several days of smoking before it cleared it up... at which point I was doomed again...

I am not saying that I have overcome this thing... and I am not saying that I won't fail or slip this time (as there is always that possibility), but I am aware of many of the pitfalls, having been there before and hope to endure when I hit bump in the road... If I should break my bond with quitting to have a slip then I am determined (knowing I can and will) to immediately revert to CT to overcome the 3 days and carry-on.... Incidentally one-puff has never been enough for me to collapse... I still don't advocate anyone try.... but... just for the record...

I do NOT have or keep any smokes in the house! Even though I do have some for my Mom in storage, but I follow several key rules... (1) no open packages (somehow having closed packs stops me... lol... odd I know).... (2) they are not within reach at all. I live in a condo and keep them in the basement locked, thus forcing myself to go for a bit of a walk before I can get to them... the path of shame.... lol... which has helped in the past as I turned back after thinking about it. It also prevents the drunken or instintive reach for one when I am not paying attention. I learned that during the last quit.

Just some thoughts.... 1 month tomorrow...

Thanks to all for your sweet and caring support... :D:D:D


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