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Patch advice

So I've been on the patches for nearly 6 weeks and I'm due to move to the step 2 ones on Thursday. Only problem is I have only enough until Monday. I dont really want to spend another 15 quid on another step 1 pack for just 2 patches.

Because of this I'm thinking about moving to the step 2 patches a couple of days earlier.

Can anyone who uses the patches and has gone to the next step advise me if this is a good idea or do you think I should purchase another step 1 pack for the 2 patches?

Any advice/help appreciated :)

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James, you might as well go onto step 2, "losing" 2 days of step 1 will make no difference.


Thanks Meatn2veg, I'm thinking thats the best way to go. I'm starting to get fed up with the wierd dreams and waking up feeling anxious now anyway, so taking the nicotine down a notch may help with that.


hi james i went down to step 2 and felt no difference so you should be fine. i started to feel sick and dizzy so i knew it was time to step down. good luck and well done on 6 weeks. i have just started 8 weeks

janet xxxxxx


well done

how do you feel about the patches, two days it not realy two early to step down to next patch you could buy a box just to have there or may be a piece of gum:)JImbo


It's been suggested many a time on here; cut your remaining patches in half. Et voila!


Thanks for all the advice folks :)

I just bought the step 2 patches and have moved down to them 2 days early. My first day on them today and like Janet I'm not noticing any major difference.

Hopefully tonight I may get a better nights sleep too because they're not as strong.

Every day I'm waking up with a horrible anxious nervous feeling and I'm sure the patches have something to do with it.

Well done indeed on the 8 week start Janet :D

Thanks and best wishes to all


James hope the night is better for you if not way dont you try leaving it off at night. Dont worry to much quitting what ever way some times give you an hard time at night. your doing very well with your quit. Congrats.xxxx


Thanks Linda :D

I had yet another bad night last night and spent all morning craving at work so decided enough was enough and took off the patch...I figured if all it was doing was making me feel rotten and I was still craving what was the point. Strangely enough almost as soon as I removed the thing the craving went away !!!

So I'm going it alone now. I have some losenges from a previous quit to hand and will keep a patch in my pocket just in case but at the moment I'm feeling fine. I just hope I'll finally get a decent nights sleep because I'm starting to feel pretty desperate sleep wise.


Good luck with it.

Its not as bad has you think about 72 hours and all the nicotine all but leaves the body. Then you dont need to worry about stepping down or stopping anything because theres nothing to stop. Just ride it out foe a few days.xxxxx


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