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I have not smoked, but by goodness I nearly have on 25 counts like you woulndn't believe, this has been the worst night of my life! All I want to do is smoke! Smoking is brilliant, why am I not hating it yet!!!!!!! But I can tell you all I have got this far and not smoked, I am so positive as to not smoke, nicodemon has been out in fulll force tonight!! xxx

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been like that all week more or less mate :eek: I think it's easing off a bit now though, let you know how I go tomorrow :o


don`t give up now. How many day`s has it been I am sure you can continue. Good luck!




As john.t5 says mate

I quit on the 7th so I am a couple of days behind you,and I think yesterday was the worst so far ? I was that strung out I worked out how many Min's I had quit,how many cigs I would of smoked,how much it would of cost me,

I cleaned the kitchen,cooked some food(mind you food taste great) what do you think :D

And allot of people on this site might think I am mad but you do whatever it takes mate,

And the first step is asking for help when you need it.

wright now I am sat here listening to Fleetwood Mac and chilling,

Buts what is really important is I am still smoke free :D

even if you have to take it a minute at a time.

good luck mate I hope this helped ;)

Keep the faith :cool:


Don't give up now you are doing great onwards and upwards :)


Please guys remember beating this addiction is a two stage process

- The physical addiction is just an endurance, while the body clears nicotine from the system. That takes a 2-3 weeks of not using nicotine.

- The psychological addiction where you become accustomed to living your life without smoking and have to break down all the associations with pleasure and coping with difficulties that you have established over many years of smoking. That becomes easier, but it does take time! You will get good points and tricky points, some urges and yearnings, you will forget the slavery involved in smoking and remember the pleasant moments when you supposedly "enjoyed" a smoke. Its all normal, there is no benefit from getting annoyed about it (that said I did to ;)) what is important is that you deal with it without relapsing. Eventually you reach a point where the mood changes from being a quitter to acceptance that you are just someone that used to smoke and doesn't any more i.e. you have now settled into the role of non smoker, quitting is not new or exciting it is just how you are now. By observation it seems to be about 15/16 weeks for most people.


Smoking is brilliant, why am I not hating it yet!!!!!!!

Goodness gracious me, the nicodemon is out in SERIOUS force there! I know that's not you talking, GUFG. Keep that positive mental attuitude! All you have to do is keep reminding yourself why you're doing this, whatever your reasons may be, and sooner or later those cravings will fall by the wayside.




Hey everyone, thanks so much for the support, last night was awful, had a couple of friends round - smoking ones, we had a good few drinks and they smoked in front of me all night!!! I told them it was fine to do so, I am so pleased I didn't give in, I actually took myself off to the loo at one point and had to reaffirm out loud why I shouldn't smoke!! Must have looked completely potty! I learnt a lesson though, alcohol and a smoking environment are not good for me, I know to avoid it completely for a while as it was too hard and testing, nicodemon loves wine!! So does that monkey!! Roll on week 4, keep strong everyone:)


It stunk this morning!!! I never used to smell it before, had to open all the windows to get rid of it, oh and I made a bacon butty which helped :D back to normal now.

I felt bad asking them to not smoke, they did offer to go outside, but we never did that when I smoked, I said 'don't be silly I don't mind at all'! Again, might have to re think that one, what's everyone else's rules regards smoking friends?


We've never allowed smoking in our house so no problems with smoking friends, they know the score :)

I might have to ban it in the garage as well if I'm out there working at the scoots, don't want to stink of fags :mad:


Everyone Used to smoke in my house Ive not stopped anyone but not many smokers come to my house now. But if i go to peoples houses that smoke OMG it bloody stinks.xxxxx


My husband still smokes and we have always smoked in the house, well the kitchen so I can't change that really. If friends come round who smoke they will still be allowed to smoke in the kitchen with my husband!


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