No Smoking Day

fruit is good for you

eat things that are good for you,,.like fruit,eat fruit that you have to peel or slice first,,like,,oranges,,melons,,and bananas,,grapes and berries are great to,,you have to wash them,,your hands and mouth will stay busy and you,ll get to eat something delicious and good for you,also good for the weigh,,i have stopped eating pork crackling,as i think it puts on to much weigh,,,you all keep the faith tony

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Way to go tony but don't forget veggies as well carrot and celery among others are nice raw and keep hands and mouth busy keeping the faith

love margaret:D


I have started drinking fruit juice this week, a lot of fruit juice. Like a litre a day!

My food consumption had already dropped to almost pre-quit levels.

I have lost almost 1/2 a stone this week.

I don't know if it's that it's taking the place of food, "clearing me out", or doing somethin good inside....

But whatever it is, it's doing me good at the moment.


I hate cranberry juice anyway, but I have been consuming a lot of orange, apple, pineapple, etc...

Yum, and as I say... it seems to be doing me good.


Fruit juice has natural sugar, yes. I wouldn't drink "from concentrate" juice anyway... only fresh squeezed for me.

I'm no food expert, but isn't there something different about the sugar in fruit? Like it isn't stored by the body, but only used? What isn't used is just passed through... or did I imagine that?

I am aware that the sugar and acid in fruit juice can hurt teeth but as long as you brush regularly that won't be a problem.

Whatever, it seems to be helping my body at the moment... if I notice problems I shall simply drop to my normal intake.


Hi Stuart,Tony and BB

Stuart i shall try the fruit juice sounds good to me I drink some of the fruit teas but haven't noticed weight loss

Another way could be just cut out crisps cakes sweets and biscuits have done this before and it worked for me

love to you all



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