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My Good Friends--i`ve Missed You All

To all my good friends on here


I`m sorry i havn`t been posting much but i have been up and down to the hospital for over a week.

Baby Daniel has been moved from intensive care to special care and HOPEFULLY might be allowed home today.

I finished work yesterday for 6 weeks hols , and with daughter and baby home soon i can get back to normal ie posting on here all day.:D

Smoking wise , i`ve had a few times when i`ve said to myself GOD I WANT A FAG but those times are very different to craves.Now its i WANT, not i NEED.

Its day 46 for me and one thing thats puts me off smoking is remembering those first 3 weeks. They were so hard. I dont want to go through that again.

I just want to say a special thanks to BUFFY.You are my rock.:)

Everyone else is brilliant aswell but Buffy you are a star.

Love to everyone

Barb x

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Hi Boudee

I`m waiting for daughter to ring to let me know if they are comming home.

How are you and the smoking. I`ve havn`t had time to catch up with all the posts.Hope you are well.

Barb x



Congrats on being gran, give grandson big hug and know that you are smoke free, I am looking forward to doing that with my new granddaughter who is now 5 weeks old, when I first saw her I was still smoking, now on week three and will be a sweeter smelling gran when I see her soon and my other 2 grandchildren (boys).

Stay strong

xxx Pupalup xxx:)


Thanks pupalup

I feel very young to be a nan at 44. I am very young at heart and feel more like 24 except for aches and pains that come with getting older.:D

I cant wait to take him out.

My Hubby and son still smoke ,in the garden,and when they held him in hospital i thought "i hope Daniel can`t smell the smoke and hoped he didn`t smell afterwards ". Nurses might not be to happy if he did.

Thats strange, as i smoked in both my pregnancys and didnt give it a second thought.Probally not as much pressure back then to give up.:)

Well done to you on giving up.

Keep it up.

Barb x


Hi barb Im so happy for you and your family that baby daniel is coming home, I think during this time you have been an absolute star not too start back on the cigs again as you were under such stress. Ill bet some people might of caved under the pressure so u should feel really proud of yopurself.

Congrats again.

Charlene. :)



Wow you dont look a day over 4* :rolleyes:

Congrats on becoming a gran and managing to stay smokefree especially at this stressful time, and you have just become an unpaid babysitter lol.

Well done to you keep it up


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