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Good on you - hang in there

Hang in there. You will get over the cravings very soon. Bear them out.

I started not smoking on Nov. 1st (a month ago) and have now just one or maybe two very tiny, tinsy wincy moments where I might remember a cig. There might be a small trigger but it is so easy to simply put the thought down. If it's a crave it's a really, really half hearted thing. It's like a little 'beep' sound coming from another room or outside. You just need to sort of dismiss it and it goes straight away.

When I was with you at Day Three I thought of smoking constantly. At Day Three I didn't know if I'd be able to cease my 25yr/25day habit. I was krazy.

Don't listen to the craves. Smoking soon becomes a distant memory.

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Hi Andy :D

What an encouraging post for all newbies this is well done

I'm really pleased to hear it's going well for you with onlt teen weeny craves here and there


Marg xx


Thanks for that, needed a boost today! Had a bad weekend so this has been a nice positive thought! Cheers :)


Yesterday on the other hand I did have desire for smoking. Maybe it was trigger but I was at a really neat outdoor barbecue restaurant with family members and really all I wanted to do was laze and have a smoke.

But couldn't, not for the sake of my quit! Can't do it - one cigarette, then what, another? And another until smoking again and then I will die of cancer - poorer, smellier, younger ...

So, when I say, hang on and bear it, I say it for myself, too.



Well done you, as someone on here taught me "NOPE" not one puff ever. I know I fall into that category as I know one puff and I shall be off again.



Those cravings do knock you sideways sometimes. You can be fine for days and then from out of nowhere one will hit you. Mine always feel like a weight on my chest and a knott in my stomach...and the jaw clenching!

They are getting less in strength and length and I can just accept them for what they are. I sometimes get the same feeling when I want to clobber hubby but I don't give in to that either ;)

If we had one puff that would be it...back to that first cigarette that would start it all off again!


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