No Smoking Day

quit tip of the day

always have an escape plan

if you,ve been accustomed to smoking during family gathrering,or at social events,it,ll be helpful to have a strategy for coping with cigarette temptation during such functions..instead of a fag,you can hold a pen,,key shain,etc etc ,you might discuss an escape plan which allows you to leave if you find things getting a bit rough,,always keep in your thoughts a clear statement about why you quit smoking and how much it means to you to stay quit under any cirumsstances,,try repeating,,i dont smoke no matter what,,no matter what,,i dont smoke,,over and over,,for instance.say to your self anything that will help you to hold onto your determination quit..keep a list of reasons why you,ve quit,,or benefits you,ve already noticd siniced your quit,handy in your wallet or purse,,take along some phone numbers of friends or ex smokers why have agreed to take your emergence call,,in the event you think you might waver in your quit,, hope it helps ,

you all just keep the faith all the best tony

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good idea to have an escape plan, mine is a friend i worked with if i need help in certain situations we agreed i would text the word HELP and she would ring me haven't needed it yet but you never know



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