No Smoking Day

10 weeks wow

hi all,,70 days or 10 weeks,,i think 70 days sounds better than 10 weeks,,witch ever way, i have not smoked for that time,,how good is that,,.soon be posting in the 3 months thread,YES,just bought my self a new keep net for fishing,,am just treating my self..feel so so gooddddddd to day, nothing or any body can up set me to day,,you all have a very nice day keep the faith tony

jim are you going fishing soon,we could meet up some were,and have a nics days fishing tony

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10 weeks 70 days tony your doing fab.xxxxxxxxxx


Doing great Tony!

The faith is strong in this one ;)


cheers for that


Well done Tony.

Awesome work - you should be proud, smug and very pleased.


o yes, all of them


Hi Tony :D :D

Well done you you are obviously keeping the faith i'm on week nine and so you should {proud,smug and pleased} :p


Hey Tony, I'm really happy for you man! 10 weeks is great, it'll be 10 years before you know it! You always have something kind to say to everyone on here, you are an asset and a gentleman, sir :) Glad to see you're feeling great about it, you should be! To use a Tony-ism: keep the faith :p


Huge well done hun :)

You must be so proud... Thank you also for all the support and encouragement you give.




Congrats on 10 weeks.......:D


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