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here we go after 25 years

hi all, ive been reading this forum for several weeks since I set my date to pack up 20/1/09, reading everyones posts has really helped and im sure will help over the next few months/years.

Ive been smoking for 25 years and in the morning it all comes to an end, im stopping for the usual reasons but selfishly, mainly for myself.

I dont know why but im feeling pretty nervous, sounds weird.

everyone who has posted on here has been a real insperation ......... so here goes

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I was nervous too! I can remember thinking how stupid it was to be nervous but I think I was quite excited about it too.

I hope you are looking forward to being back in control of your life - not being controlled by those evil white sticks. I can promise you it is a great feeling to be free!

Please don't be nervous - be excited and prepare to celebrate your new found freedom.

Read lots and post on here whenever you can - it has made this whole thing so much easier for me.


Hi Billy

Warm welcome to the forums and well done hun on deciding to quit.

I to was nervous and thought i could never do it after smoking for 29 years. You can and you will hun, we will all be here for you when you need some support and encouragement, and you will soon see that once you have got 1 day under your belt you will know that you can do it.

The feeling you have of being free from the nicotine is a fabulous feeling and that alone will spur you on.

Read all the links hun although i expect you may of already done that.

Are you going CT?

Good luck and we will all be here for you tomorrow :)




Hi Billyc

Welcome Congrats on your quit and good luck for day one tomorrow its not as hard as you thinks. Just take things slow its not painfull.xxxxx


Hi Billy

Good luck stopping smoking-you can do it! Welcome to a life free of the horrible smelly killing nico-demoned!!!:eek:

keep us posted-rant and rave as much as you like-we are all here for youxxxx;)


Hi Billy,

Good luck, I also was nervous when deciding to stop, all the emotions ran riot and are still there, however now swaying more towards the excitement of getting healthy and only 4 days in!




Welcome to the Forum and welcome to a new life without the fags.

You will soon find that there is nothing to fear in quitting, you are only gaining.

Keep reading and educating yourself.

Well done on your decision.



Welcome Billy,

Everyone is nervous when starting out. Get the first few days out of the way and it really does become easier as the days go by. Logging in on this forum really does help - there is always someone to cheer you along.


Morning Billyc

Hope your day one is running smooth. xxxxxxx


Hi Billy

Good luck mate !

Grit your teeth and kick ass !!:D



Hi Billy welcome to the forum, it appears we're quitting on the same day! I don't think it's being selfish at all quitting for yourself, at the end of the day, it's your health!

It's understandable that you're nervous, I am slightly too. It's a big decision to make and not one to be taken if you're not prepared. If you haven't already, get some research in. The folks here will be full of advice and encouragement, and remember that you're never alone!

Feel free to add me to your contacts; we'll most probably be going through the same things at the same time.

Good Luck!


Hi there Billy and Chuddy - hope you have got through today ok?

Day 1 soon turns into week 1 - then it just gets easier and easier.


thanks for all the messages it really does help ( as you all know ).

only a few hours till day one is finished, the first 6 hours were a nightmare, I woke up at 7am and wanted to kill the world by about 9.30 but since about 1pm been feeling better and better.

ive been using the inhalator, maybe its helping I dont know.

A good start:)


Great stuff Billy - we knew you could do it!

The next couple of days will be a bit tough at times so be on your guard ready to shoot down those nicotine demons who'll try to persuade you that you can't do this. It can be a bit tough but it's not painful and it WILL get easier - stick with it and keep us updated with how you get on!


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