No Smoking Day


Right, at a wedding today, good day, then descended into a big ruck with me son, he was a bit pissed, then a bit of an argument with me daughter, all my fault of course, in laws all over the place. Walked home, country roads with no lights, everyone else home a bit later, lots of tears and that sortin things out with me daughter, things ok with the young lad, still free of nicotine though, so many opportunities to 'just have one' but I considered the fact that it would still be a hard situation even if

I smoked a fag. Glad I didn't smoke, not sure what way things are going to pan out here though:confused:

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In situations like that it is easy to reach for the fags and blame the person you are angry with for causing you to smoke. Well done for not falling into that trap.


Hi John

Hope things are a little better this morning. I have been there tons of times with my oldest Son. Kids we love them but its hard some times Give me babys any day HEHE. CONGRATS for staying strong tho. Hope your heads not to bad this morning.xxxxx


Yeah well done John - I probably would have smoked about 20 by now if I were you!


Well done John

This must show you're really strong and not about to buckle...Good lad!



good going lad...

... particulary with your diabetes... smoking would be the worst possible reaction to stress.... YOU are an inspiration to all of us.... for sure...

and thus, ergo, hence, therefore

I name you my HERO of the DAY!!!!!!!


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