No Smoking Day
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Sounding off - Me


I am on my

97th day, 4 hours into my quit (13 weeks 6 days)

Not smoked a whopping 1943 Cigs

Saved £785.12

And sadly very sadly since I quit

931,752 people worldwide have died due to a smoking related illness....

Do you know 1 person worldwide dies every 6 seconds !!!!

I strongly recommend I Phone App I use which is MLC (my last cigarette)

Is it this last statement that has kept me going..

I google regularly smoking death images to remind when I think I will fail.

I can sit easily with other smokers but find myself staring at each puff they take.

Why ? Because I imagine the rotten smoke on its journey through our body.

I remember I have seen the Palmolive Washing Up Liquid Bottle test.

With a filter on the top it smokes a cigarette and it is sickening watching that smoke go down. What's worse is 10% smoke is only exhaled !

This is my way of coping.

I have had a holiday abroad in Turkey where almost everyone smokes and no restrictions indoors or out and survived that..

I look back on my journey so far and feel proud that I have come a long way


Be strong everyone. We CAN do it :)

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Oh this is ****** crazy

Hi everyone

Well no 2 days are the same and my little world is up and down.

Today is 3months and 2 whole weeks CIGGIE free and since my last post above I have come down with a bump !

Other half is away till next Wednesday and that gives me the chance to re decorate the lounge !

It took all of yesterday to clear the room and prepare. Today I am ready to start.


I really want one...then I don't. Then I do and so forth ....

Like Ive got 2 ****** brains !

My thoughts are all over the place and so am I today..still have not picked up the paintbrush ! The old me would have had that coffee and fag then happily started......paint for half hour or so, then another cigg to admire my work.

I never smoked in the house, so it's not as if I am getting rid of the yellow walls, the ****** lounge don't really need painting, it's just something to keep me occupied !



Oh wow those are scary statistics :eek:

Think we tend to blank it out when we smoke, it won't happen to me, I don't smoke that much, etc and focus on the old smokers who are "fine" but really it's lethal!! No idea if it was smoking related or not but a girl who was in the year above me in school died of cancer a couple of years ago and she smoked.

And with your 2 minds thing, that's really normal unfortunately!!

You're doing brilliantly but the nico demon loves to try to get you back, especially when you're bored.

Think I'm a fairly sensible girl but flipping heck I was sitting in my car wailing "I want a fag" really winding myself up (toddler style) and it's tough to get through *but* the best thing you can do is keep your mind busy!! Pop some music on, chew a bit of gum and get painting :D You'll soon forget about wanting a smoke!!



You made me smile ......wailing in the car...Oh God I can so relate to that ! Does it make you feel any better ? Nah.....but it's a release eh !


Oh God tantrums....IGNORE ! ...I will :)

Couple of hours have passed...

STILL NO PAINTING, just aiming wandering around town, few coffees, little treat for me and back home...aiming wandering around the house....go back into town for another coffee.......IT'S BEEN ONE OF THOSE DAYS !

5:30pm and at last I am relaxing...Sod the painting, always tomorrow. Come up with a plan for tonight...instead of sitting in front of tv with loads of sweet crap...going to try and crunch on some carrots ! OMG has it come to this a Saturday night :) grrrrrr....


Change of plan again

Just been invited out up the pub !

I've been good had my carrots ....

I'm going up the pub !

Another challenge ?


Hey I got through hellish day

Well hi, just wanted to report in.

Went to the pub and stood outside with all the smokers - it didn't bother me at all ! However, what did bother me was when I was getting ready - used to always have a glass of wine and cigs !

I am sure there will be other days like today, but hopefully more bearable.

I am beginning to love the differences now in me

No smell of smoke

My complexion is now beginning to clear (hopefully all smoke toxins now gone from skin)

Even my nails are nice and white now

SLEEPING all through the night now too. This is one MEGGA improvement for me

it all suddenly feels worth it now - I pray I have saved my body.


I always had problems re quitting with pubs, drink and cigs. Has took a while but a positive outlook - similar to yours - has proved its worth in gold. I can stand with the smokers and chat - but now feel no pull towards the dark side. You are doing great woo - keep it up. :D

sounds like a train lol - woowoo


Thanks Dicko :)

Can I just add one last thing to my post for today......

100 Days for me today !

Woooooooo Hoooooooo



Thanks Max :))

Well Cool Today..each day at a time.

Positive day today.

Bet you have holiday blues when are you back at work ?


Huge well done to you Woo, especially going to the pub and not even wanting one and of course for 100 days without smoking - that's brilliant :D :D


Boom!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 days. Won't be long before you don't know how many days it is.....well done you ;)


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