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A huge well done to all, I know xmas etc is not the best of times


:) Hi all, and a happy new year to you all. Just thought that i would pop on and say ello. I am now on 18 months without a cig and am very proud of myself and all others. Yes i have put on weight, a lot, but im still off them, i dont know if anyone else likes the smell of a ciggy but i really enjoy standing next to someone with a cig!.... weird?... but can smell it a mile off, noticed roll up smokers dont seem to smell as much?.... Keep up the good work all of you, its a great feeling to have got so far , and it really only feels i did this a couple of months ago, how time fly's.

All the best

Cazzy xx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done it must be great to be 18 moths quit, can't wait to get there myself, but I will ;)



like nic, i cant wait for 18 months,....,2 months 1 week down 16 to go,will get there,,we all will keep the faith

Huge well done hun...18months seems an awful long way away right now, but intend to get there one day :)



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