A huge well done to all, I know xmas etc is not the best of times

:) Hi all, and a happy new year to you all. Just thought that i would pop on and say ello. I am now on 18 months without a cig and am very proud of myself and all others. Yes i have put on weight, a lot, but im still off them, i dont know if anyone else likes the smell of a ciggy but i really enjoy standing next to someone with a cig!.... weird?... but can smell it a mile off, noticed roll up smokers dont seem to smell as much?.... Keep up the good work all of you, its a great feeling to have got so far , and it really only feels i did this a couple of months ago, how time fly's.

All the best

Cazzy xx

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  • Well done it must be great to be 18 moths quit, can't wait to get there myself, but I will ;)



  • like nic, i cant wait for 18 months,....,2 months 1 week down 16 to go,will get there,,we all will keep the faith

  • Huge well done hun...18months seems an awful long way away right now, but intend to get there one day :)



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