No Smoking Day
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25th day today bring on the trumpets!!

Well werhoobedoo I've made the quarter century:D

I'm feeling really good at the moment angry Ange has taken a holiday thank goodness!! Glad I'm not feeling so grrrr :mad: all the time. Feeling a bit calmer now which is lovely.

Glad to see we've accumulated a strong MMQ crew, keep it up peeps you all doing grrrreat:D

Thanx to all those who gave me strength in the early days, it does get better. I have no doubt there will be some challenges but hopefully I can deal with those without picking up a cig. As long as I dont put that cig in my mouth I'll be ok, glad I gave myself a chance.

Right I'm off for now, everybody take care .

MMQ crew rock!!

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you must have very short years if 25 days equates to a quarter of a centuary!!! i want your years!!:D

anyway-less of the cheek-congrats are in order well done Ange xxx


WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well done Ange!!! 25... wow!!! good on ya kid ;)


Hehe its late,early whatever:p see when I get to the hundred day mark I get a nice surprise off my partner, so maybe I'm just thinking out loud as usual and not making much sense. Think it may be too much oxygen in the system!

Thanx for cheers and cheek:p


25 25 25 25 25

Hi Ang, Well done on reaching day 25, U have done brill :):):)

Am on day 27 and starting to feel better, but not sleeping to good hence the early post ha ha Keep up the good work See ya around Mad March Quitter Kaz x


Hi Angela,

Well done you - 25 days is just brilliant! I was chuffed when i made it to double figures, so 100 days seems a long way off. But we'll get there a day at a time. Keep strong.



Hi Angela :D

Well done you on reaching that quarter century milestone you're doing great onwards and upwards


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi All!

Thanx for my trumpet Greg!! Thanx for all your support youre all so lovely x:D

Karen im having trouble sleeping , seem to be waking up every hour and up too early, is that related to stopping smoking?:confused:

Was just talking to a mate I havent spoke to in a while, I told him about me stopping and he was buzzing saying youre setting a good example for the kids. He smokes and I was just chuffed on his take on things, the kids. I'm pleased at the health benefits, my breathing, my skin,my teeth. I'm pleased at the financial aspect, saving about £20 a week. The most important is not being a hypocrit when it comes to my kids - how can I educate my kids from a young age that smoking's deadly whilst their mummy is doing it? Yes I can say "I'm not harming the kids cos I smoke outside!", its not just passive smoking is it? Its teaching your kids that smoking is deadly and about being able to give yourself the best chance of staying in the best health possible so you can be with your kids longer. Its about not putting them through unnecessary pain by getting a smoking related illness that could have been avoided if youd just have not been a smoker.

I've been thinking a lot about being a smoker, I never really accepted that I was one. I can give up like that, I dont smoke that much... and other excuses. I never bulk bought cigs, always thought I wouldnt need them cos in my mind i'd be giving up. :confused: Its just undoing the learnt behaviour over the many years I smoked. Its thinking back, way back hehe, to why I smoked I wasnt coerced into smoking by other kids I always wanted to do it. Obviously I thought I was grown up and cool, maybe I just have never grown up Ive stayed in that mind set. You think you can live forever when youre a teenager, youre untouchable. Think ive realised im 35 and its crucial that I stop now, time to face up:eek:

Sorry for the ramble, hope it makes a little sense and is not too disjointed, but hey thats the state of my head!

Hope everyones had a good day and keep it up youre so worth it hehe



Hi Angela Its appears to be the patches that are stopping us from sleeping. But I have gone from 24hr to 16 hr patches... But I noticed on my last quit 3 years ago that when I come off the patches I was fine, But they are working for me now so I am sticking with them. As long as they stay on, keep losing them in the gym..... Just take patch off 2 hours b4 u go to bed and should sleep better:)

Keep up the good work though I am feeling better each day, although tried alot, Its worth it:p Kaz xx



Oh is it the patches hmmm I'll take your advice hun:)

I'm on the 16 hour 10mg patches. I'm going to get the 5mg ones cos ive been on these for 25 days (werblumminhoo) and I think I can hack it if not still got a good few 10mg's left. Think if my minds ok then will be fine.:D


Well done

25 days is great, well done and i love the rambling as i do it from time to time, gets the other stuff off our chests now we have no nicotine to shift eh ? xxx


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