No Smoking Day
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I know you've heard it all before!!!!!

Is it me or am I the only one working still... I don't know, I am either mad or everyone else are a bunch of slackers... :)

Well Saturday is going to be my next wonderfully poor attempt at quitting.

Don't look like I'll be going to bed tonight so I figure I won't be in too good a state in the morning.

However Saturday and Sunday I have decided to lift my patio and re-lay it so that'll keep my mind off smoking. That's how I managed to start my 21 day attempt last time (good old hard work laying brick weave) :D

And that is definately the last time I say I am bored, after 30 hours I have solved my problem only for my business partner to email me another problem ( at 23:45 hrs ) on a different game... :(

Looking on the bright side I haven't broken anything yet, so I am quite proud of my self, but very disappointed in my failed quit attempt...

God I could kill a big mac and fries... Or even better an Angus burger and fries from Burger King... Better not though had a McDonalds for lunch, don't want to overdose...

To all of you who have just started your no smoking campaign, keep going and stay strong if not you'll end up like me, always struggling to push past day 1... :(

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Hi Gav,

Good luck for the weekend mate, were you using any nrt or anything last time?

All we can do is keep trying until we succeed!

love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Good luck to you!! You can do it this time :D


Sorry gav if i am not in bed by midnight during the week, I turn into a big grizzly monster :eek:

Glad you fixed one prob soz theres another :o but it is the nature of the game (s'cuse the pun lol) your still a great success and life would be dull if it was all plain sailing :D

Anyways glad to hear your going again on Saturday x x x x good luck x x x x

You'll get so pissed off with quitting in the end that you won't smoke anymore because quitting is such a pain!! :D

Enjoy relaying your patio! looks like the week end should be dry albeit cloudy x x

~Buffy x x


hi gav well done for deciding to quit on sat. you can do this i have every faith in you. goodluck.:D


Good Luck

Hi gav, I too am always at day one. Doing my head in now. Spent the last 2 weeks on day 1. God its been a long couple of weeks. How chuffed would I be now had I just got on with it. Anyway thats it now. Before I lose the marbles I have left. Tomorrow Saturday will be my first smoke free day. And I won't be re-living it again. Think im in Groundhog Day. Best get the remote control and fastforward. lol.

Good Luck for Tomorrow


Hi Looby Lou,

Well that's good news... I thought I was the only person on the planet having a ground hog experience...

I have decided that on Saturday I ain't answering the phone or emails.

Two days away from work should help...

Good luck on your no smoking campaign, hopefully Sunday morning we'll both be saying Day 2.


Heres to that definately. There comes a point when enough is enough, hopefully that time is here. Good Luck with your paving and hope the weather stays fine.


Bugger, looks like I have to work the weekend now rather than re-laying my patio... :(

However I am still going to go for a no smoking campaign tomorrow... Got a nice job on the Wii to sort out ( A lot more stress free than the PS2 :) )

Fingers crossed and all that stuff :D


My fingers are crossed for you too!!! You can do it. You will find there is NEVER a good time to quit, so you will have to choose a 'not so good time' and go for it just like you did! Way to go!



good luck gav.stick with it mate .:p


Good Luck Gav, go for it. Im just off to game to buy a game for daughters wii. See if that helps take my mind of the dreaded fags.


Good on you gave x x

Ns4m is soooo right! like having a baby hehehe there's never a 'right time' you just got to get on and do it!!

Good luck with the wii game I would imagine it will bring you more spondoulies than ps2 ;) hehehehe oh and if ever you need some kids to test your games let me know, I got 5 that would love to be your research assistants :D hehehehe

Well 6 including me rofl my other half is not into games at all! can't switch anything on, i have to do all the odd jobs and set things up! lol serves me right for being a bloody engineer :rolleyes:

Best of luck and all that x x

Remember it is easier to quit if you don't smoke ;)

~Buffy x x


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