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No Smoking Day
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good evening all

Feeling great in a lot off pain do to day I got my appointment for a rheumatologistat at last,the 6 months on my last quit I was using ntr, the inhaler,gum and patches at times it was bad and I could not get off ntr But this time I just did my 72 hours c/t my wife smokes also but its just so easy this time with no ntr it should be banned as it only drags on and on and on:)Jimbo

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Well done Jimbo.

Sounds like you are already doing much better this time!

All the best



hi jimbo,,i to am under the rheumatologistat at city hospitel..have been for the last 11 months..im on methotrexate.at the moment,,so i know how you feel..you are very strong to stop smoking with the pain.would not wish that on any body..my wife smoks as well ,it does not help when you are just getting started..but you hang in there jimbo,,you will be all right. you just keep the faith tony


Well done Jimbo :)

Good luck at the rheumatologistat hun.




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