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Good evening Week 4!!!

I joined these forums in my 3rd week, tonight at midnight I have been a non-smoker for 3 weeks. (3 weeks 1.5 hours to be precise) i just chose midnight afterwards as it made keeping tabs on time easier :)

Hello Month 1/week 4 !

I spent the entire day today with no patch on, shared a bottle of wine with my fiancé tonight while watching a film (valykyrie) and had very very minor withdrawal issues.. totally manageable :)

Only 1 week to go until i've been quit a whole month !

Its been a bit easier this week after a pretty rocky start (argument with OH which just should not have happened), but as the week went on, things seemed much easier.

Glad to be in this 4th week now, feel like i've got somewhere now :)

Hi to all in this week .

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Hi Jase, you definately have got somewhere , a fantastic achievement , and remember every week now is another week neerer to your goal to be a non smoker for ever. your nearly there- stay strong x


Hi Jase :D

Great 3 weeks done and dusted well done

First day without a patch and you shared a bottle of wine without a problem

You're doing so well and I think should be OK without a patch now but you can always slap one on if you need to


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Aye got through the first day with no patch, (day 21 of being quit smoking). I saw other posts saying they were doing it CT, and i figured, .. well i'm through the worst bit using patches, i'll try no patch today to see how i go?

From a 21mg patch to zero and spent all day 21 just keeping myself occupied, was fine all day, watched a film and drank a bottle of wine last night too, no problem afterwards, and slept very soundly :)

Today, still no patch on.. and no need for one may try for all weekend with no patch to see if i can do it.


well done jase, you doing good mate no patch either im so jealous!! but very very pleased for you:):):):) 4 smiles for you x


Done 2 days no patch now as of about 2 mins ago :) Rarrrrrr.

I am not as confident about monday at work however, its a far cry from being at home :)

I had a bit of a major craving earlier, only way to describe it, is only possible if folk remember the old john cleese stop smoking adverts where he bites a chunk out of the mantle-piece :) Got through that tho, back to normal again. :)


Good luck jase, just promise yourself, no smoking today and if a crave hits, wait just 5 mins, it will go away.


Hi Jase :D

Well done 2 days without a patch is great remember get through today without one and all the nicotine will have left your body completely :D

Sorry you had that major crave last night but you got through it


Marg xxxxxxx


Thanks. Seems its been decided i will be truly tested today. I was supporting another company site on friday, and they are supposed to cover my usual site while i'm doing this. Looking around the office and at my job queue this morning, it sure seems that i have at least 3 jobs from friday of last week, and 2 of those are 3-4 hour jobs. Nice :(

What is it about this world, when you really need a break or just an easier time of it for a little bit, there is someone with a spade shovelling strife at you in truckloads to see how long you can manage :/

Well today i'm gonna do what i can do.. humanly, as my boss has chosen not to send me any assistance today, then he can manage any complaints that crop up too :)


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