4 months tomorrow

Hi all,

Well tomorrow I will have been smoke free for 4 calendar months. WOW!!

After 34 years having been a 20+ a day smoker, having attempted "giving up" maybe a dozen times via various different methods but never actually wanting to, this was "the quit".

It hasn't been easy, I must admit, but using Champix has, without doubt, given me the basis to get rid of the dreaded addiction to nicotine.

I would like to say that it was a wonder drug for me (and by God it was) but also this site and the links to the education were (and still are) a God's send. Even after 4 months I can say that sometimes I still want a smoke but am sure that I will not. I have not come this far to fail. The thought of a cigarette is not a craving for nicotine but a misplaced wanting of a distant pleasant memory.

Here's to 5 months............ Thanks everyone


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  • Well done Bernie

    You have done so well!

    One third of the way to the penthouse already!!!!



  • Well done Bernie

    4 months thats fab work Onwards to month 5 your well on your way. Congrats.xxxxxx

  • Congrats Bernie on 4 months.....:D

  • Catching up with you!!! well done and you must feel sooo free!!!!

  • Well done Bernie... don't you slow down now - I would hate to beat you to 5 months...

    Awesome quittage :D

  • Ha Ha Stuart.

    I will always be just a nose ahead......

    Well done for your 4 months coming up.


  • I will always be just a nose ahead......

    You make sure you are...

  • well done on 4 months bernie..you just make sure you keep a nose ahead of stu hahaha.,,you just keep the faith tony.

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