No Smoking Day

exited hungry feel high??

hi all..

another milestone i guess. day 4 woop.

have been using patches for last 3 days but today ive done cold turkey.

it feels like im high or exited or somthing i just cant work it out?? if anybody knows what im on about pls let me know.. cheers.

also been looking for ALAN CARRS online to dload, is it available for free of do you have to pay..

thanks again people you are keeping me strong..

good luck and heres to a lovelly new year xxx


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hey george,

well dont for getting to day 4 - and doing it cold turkey. ur probably feeling high and excited because ur body wants nicotine which u haven't had today! Some people may react badly to it, or like u react by being excited - its can affect people is different ways.

Just keep it up m8y, try not to be bored - keep urself busy and u will be ok.


I remember that feeling, albeit while I was on lozenges. It may well be adrenaline, it certainly feels quite like it, but you are also excited that you are undertaking something that you have wanted to do for a while and succeeding!

That's got to be exciting!

Best wishes



Look on ebay i had hard back Allan Carr book and two CDS for under £10 But im sure you can down load an ebook. xxxxx


Hi George,

Well done on getting to day 4 :) Not sure about the excited feeling but i do have a weird feeling in my belly and sense ive lost something.

You are doing great hun :) See you on day 5




hi george

i remember feeling like that to is'nt it wonderful i am on champix keep going and goodluck

love margaret


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