No Smoking Day
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Day 3...HUNGRY!!!

Today I realised that this is the longest I've gone without a fag since I was on a YTS (or whatever they were called in the 90s) course in my teens!

No really bad cravings like yesterday when I struggled but despite eating decent meals regularly, OH MY DAYS I've been starving hungry all bloody day :eek:...I knew people sometimes had something to eat instead of a fag but this is ridiculous!

I think I've most definitely settled on the gum to cope with any cravings though and I've coped a lot better today.

Onwards and upwards to day 4 then and another test...going to a football match tomorrow night where everyone pours out at half time for a fag.

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Well done on day 3 and good luck for day 4.

Now then who mentioned food.........I'm eating anything I can get my hands on. Had to stop having things in the house or I don't stop eating. Put on 7 pound so far.


same here

Am the same here lol but when i get past this first week then i will sort my diet out, i am also on day 3 (its nearly over yeah) i have posted on here in the past but i wanted to get these 3 days out the way first its been that many times i have stopped and started on that dreaded day 2, just keep focused on why ur doing this and take a day at a time also watch ur money add up mines on £21 already. good luck for 2morrow

I chose to smoke my children didnt!!!!!!


I'm into my third week now and i still eat like a horse. The money i'm saving on smokes is going straight onto stocking up the freezer and food cupboards.

I'm going to leave it until i've completed a month to see if my binge eating eases up. If not i'll will be forced to do something about it.

To be honest i'm more focused on quitting then worrying about piling on pounds.


I'm embarrassed to admit it but I stuffed my face with everything in sight for about four months!! I've put on a stone and a half since quitting, and I'm only now starting to do anything serious about it.

On reflection I should have taken all the good advice on here about frozen grapes and carrot sticks, but I'm afraid it was viennese whirls and werthers chewy toffees and doughnuts and enormous curries that got me through at the beginning. I developed a sweet tooth like I'd never really had before.

But what the hey eh? I didn't smoke. That's all that matters! I fully believe you should indulge yourself with whatever you want, especially at the beginning. You deserve to be pampered, you're doing a great thing.

Keep on keeping on!

Helen x


Well said Helen :D I believe in being pampered, especially after having had a nasty crave tonight :( Wish I'd bought another pizza cos carrot sticks are too boring lol but I've got a whopping big bar of chocolate yahaha ;)

Zoe xx


oh zoe please just a few pieces...

I would say it gets easier but it dont yet im scared to think how much i weight now!! i think im gonna have to start making fruit snacks to stop these silly cravings


I managed to log on yesterday but for some reason didn't think to read a thread I actually started!

For what it's worth, my weapons of choice in this battle have been mini pork pies, angel cakes and tea cakes.

I can see my waistline expanding in the near future :D


Yes that will do for breakfast. Now then what to have when I get to work?


Yes that will do for breakfast. Now then what to have when I get to work?

There's a fully stocked vending machine full of crisps, chocolate and biscuits waiting for me at work tomorrow Aitch.



oh well ,after reading this lot i dont feel at all bad about the 3.5 stone iv added to myself since quitting, its 4.30 am and no treats for miles. surely it cant be a substitute for smoking after nearly 6 mths...



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