17 Months + Merry Xmas

How do all.

Hope everyone is still smoke free for Xmas. Tomorrow will be my seventeenth month mark, so had to pop back to post the obligatory thread. Actually starting to look forward to the next one already, one and a half years!

Retirement is going well, but I do miss the daily postings and ramblings on here :). I did notice a nice chap got banned, huh.... ah well. Sh*t happens lol. Who says Christmas is the season of good will ?! :D

Heres to everyone having a good smoke free Chrimbo and New Year, and also a smoke-less 2009.



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  • Very inspiring mate!!

    Keep up the great work.

    Merry Xmas



    Merry Christmas to you too,have a good one.

  • Well done supervillain and Merry Christmas

  • Great going and a Happy New smoke free year........:D

  • Well done, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Well done SV 17 months Congrats. xxxxx

  • Well done, and a very merry christmas to you as well.



  • ohhhhhhhhhh

    Well done and a happy xmas and a great smokeless new year

    mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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