No Smoking Day

12 weeks tomorrow

Well its been a weird week!! I cant believe that after all these weeks the past week has been one of my really bad weeks!! and Ive had no stress!! I so wanted a ciggie it was pathetic!!lol

I got very angry wit myself at one point:mad: but I got through it,I cant say it was a craving more like a spoilt child who cant have her own way!:confused:

I'm still confused as why Now!:confused:

But I'm still here and it did pass,but Its made me even more aware of how easy it can be;)

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I know the feeling... it's not a craving as such but a really bad urge to the point of having a tantrum. Don't know what it is as it cannot be a crave for nicotine as that has well gone. Just recently I have felt like a two year old wanting to stamp my feet and throw the dummy out of the pram!! (I am 50 years old for G*d's sake)

Just goes to prove that we cannot be complacent and we have to watch out for these times and hope we get through. No........not just hope.....we will get through.



Well done Hope - it's when caught off guard that we can be at our weakest.

The fact you stayed strong and didn't smoke is truly superb. Congratulations on 12 weeks... I hope you feel really proud of yourself :D


Well done Hope 12 weeks is fab. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxxx


Don't feel too bad about the feelings! They will crop up from time to time, its normal. What is important is how you deal with them.


Glad its not just me.

Im glad to see there are others in the same boat. I had a really bad day yesterday that just came out of the blue. I seemed to be thinking of cigarettes all day and couldnt concentrate at work at all. Today i am fine but will now always be aware that this urge can hit you at any time and more importantly IT WILL PASS.


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