12 weeks tomorrow

Well its been a weird week!! I cant believe that after all these weeks the past week has been one of my really bad weeks!! and Ive had no stress!! I so wanted a ciggie it was pathetic!!lol

I got very angry wit myself at one point:mad: but I got through it,I cant say it was a craving more like a spoilt child who cant have her own way!:confused:

I'm still confused as why Now!:confused:

But I'm still here and it did pass,but Its made me even more aware of how easy it can be;)

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  • Hi

    I know the feeling... it's not a craving as such but a really bad urge to smoke..to the point of having a tantrum. Don't know what it is as it cannot be a crave for nicotine as that has well gone. Just recently I have felt like a two year old wanting to stamp my feet and throw the dummy out of the pram!! (I am 50 years old for G*d's sake)

    Just goes to prove that we cannot be complacent and we have to watch out for these times and hope we get through. No........not just hope.....we will get through.


  • Well done Hope - it's when caught off guard that we can be at our weakest.

    The fact you stayed strong and didn't smoke is truly superb. Congratulations on 12 weeks... I hope you feel really proud of yourself :D

  • Well done Hope 12 weeks is fab. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Don't feel too bad about the feelings! They will crop up from time to time, its normal. What is important is how you deal with them.

  • Glad its not just me.

    Im glad to see there are others in the same boat. I had a really bad day yesterday that just came out of the blue. I seemed to be thinking of cigarettes all day and couldnt concentrate at work at all. Today i am fine but will now always be aware that this urge can hit you at any time and more importantly IT WILL PASS.

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