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12 weeks and properly tested !!!

Last few weeks were hectic and the curve balls was coming and coming and coming.........(And Hercu, against his motto needed to defend like mad )

First it was our baby (25 year old young man) who had a nasty motorbike accident down under in South Africa and suffered a lower leg fracture of both tibia and fibula just above the ankle. Needed surgery to install pins and bolts and little brother endured a lot of pain but will recover 100% and will live on crutches and in moon boot for 6 months and...... dads savings depleted.

Then Last week on my way back from the city where we stocked up for the months groceries I had a running with some stray cattle and my daily landy got a serious fender bend and broken head light that means a total depletion of ........ moms savings (outch........):eek:

I had this devastating bug that dropped me like I was a bag of s**t. Still trying to make a full recovery and gaining millimetres each day but still not ready to plan to take over the world.........Seems the anti-Biotic is working.......:confused:

During this past few hectic weeks of travelling and living between the hospital and hotels I once again came to the conclusion that quitting smoking is about gaining back control of your life -- emotions and all! If you fail to take full control and stay focused on your long term goal you are not ready to quit.

Please do not stone me as I for one procures that any time is a good and the right time to quit but if you are going to allow your emotions to run away it won’t be easy to stay quit....

It was so wonderful that I could handle all the pressure and never, not even once thought to take up smoking again. It would be such a horrific crime against me and my family to take up that nasty habit again and lose everything I rediscovered over the past 12 wonderful weeks....

I have said it so many times but it sounds sooooo nice : I have tasted the sweet, sweet smoke free life........:cool::cool:

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great defending :) your right as always .... its a state of mind, I cant believe (like you) how strong you can become once your in the groove and focused ... once you taste that sweet smoke free life ... you aint going back :cool::cool:


Never ever NOPE


Sorry Paul wanted to ad and hit the wrong key;

Definitely never want to smoke again .... It is too Damn good to breath and smell and taste and live.......


Wow Hercu - Thank goodness your son will be okay - and a big well done for getting through it all smokefree – it takes a wise man to know when to change and defend rather than attack:)

I have to admire your passion and strength to stay in control, without letting emotions and pressures cloud your way - so we will not stone you today my friend, just watch out for me on a bad day, as I'm always looking for a new way to relieve some stress;)


Hope it is a gene thing....he is a strong young man and already back at work on crutches and in moon boot.

Thanks Que ...very encouraging to hear it from you......!!

Stress relieve....Good... just hope you wont have any bad days soon.....


Hercu, That is a lot to deal with and ofcourse it gives us just enough of a "i deserve/need/earned it" excuse to light up. You've done well not to cave into any of that because of hardships in life. Believe me when I say I know how difficult that can be. Gold star for you my friend, well done. Hope your baby recovers just as well as can possibly be expected and then some.


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