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12 weeks today

Hi Gang

12 weeks for me today and first day with out my patch. Feeling ok took the last one of 7 30 last night.must say this week has been much better than last week still getting my moments but things are improving alot. From a lot of posts I have read things get a lot diffrent after 12 weeks so heres hoping. Would like to thank everyone for there support this site keeps me going I know I would not do it with out you all Love Linda:D

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Hi Linda - Excellent news you're doing so well! I feel quite proud too at seven weeks - longest ever! Keep it up - we'll get through this with everyone's help:D

Loopy XX


HI Loopy

Nice to have you back hope you all enjoyed. Well done to you to seven weeks thats really great. This is my longest qut only done about a week before hope its my last dont think I could do all this again. No patches now for 38 hours feel ok this week as been fine really hope it just gets better now thanks again Love Linda


Well Done Linda!!

You really have turned a corner and are an inspiration to others!

Just looking through your log of posts should encourage many others!

Buffy x


7 Weeks! that has gone quick!

You have now done so much without going back, dead proud of you!

Buffy x


Hi everyone !

hi everyone some of you may remember me havent posted for some time but i always read how everyone is getting on .Well i am still going strong 100 days smoke free (cant believe i did it ) it has not been easy the first week was hell but it has got easier for me ,i think my pregnancy has helped in a way its not just me i would be harming if i did have one but my unborn baby i am currently 23 weeks pregnant and found out i am having another boy who is very very active all night is the worst .I still have days when i could very easily smoke but try do occupy myself usually shopping !!!! and spend the money i would have bought tabs with on my family.Hope everyone is well keep up the good work and to anyone who is thinking about or is in the early days of quitting go for it its the best thing i have ever done and if you do have a set back dont beat yourself up about it just start all over again. xxclairexx


Heya Claire x

Glad your still doing so well x x and a Boy!

:D congratulations!:D

Shopping is my favorite therapy too :D hehe

You must be so proud of yourself x x Keep it up


HI Claire

Yes I do remember you well done 100 days that is really fab.

Lovely news about your soon to by new son congrats

My sister is having baby in september and only thinking of quiting so well done to you. Thanks for posting LInda xx


hi linda

Hi my baby is due the 30th of sep it isnt easy to give up but with my first son who is six i cut right down to 3-4 a day and he was born 6 weeks prem i will never know if he was early because of me smoking or another factor but at least this time I can hand on heart say i did everything in my power to stop it happening again. I feel much better for not smoking and fingers crossed after i have my son I wont feel tempted again !!! well done to you linda last time i posted on here you were in the early days keep up the good work xxclairexx:)


Claire x

I wouldn't consider for a second that your first borns' prematurity was anything to do with your smoking habit x

3-4 cigs a day during pregnancy is not great or advisable by any means but it is safer than 10 plus, this is the figure at which complications jump. Naturally the best thing is 0!

The rate of premature children has not changed significantly since the 60's as it is still unexplained in a majority of cases.

On the note of prematurity, smoking is statistically a cause of; low birth weight, ectopic pregnancy, Placental problems, early miscarriage and vaginal bleeding before premature birth.

You are doing the right thing by your your kids by not smoking! it's hard being such an important role model *sigh* :D but mother nature has a lot to answer for before you need to start worrying x x x x



hi tatty75 i remember you think i posted you very early on - well done you should be really chuffed with yourselfxxx :)



:) where is my head - well done hun you are so positive an inspiration keep going & keep smiling :) :) :)


Thanks Kitkat glad your feeling better rock on girl we can do it Linda


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