12 weeks

This is where I am. 3 months next weekend. Still astounded. I did not think I would reach this stage. Someone here, Hattie i think celebrated a not smoking birthday (?the first in 30 years) very recently, and in 12 minutes I will also celebrate a non-smoker birthday, not to the extent of 30 years. I did have one two years ago though. There are other anniversaries and achievements that are fast approaching though,

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  • I'm still getting thoughts of a desire to smoke. Not sure how much my control is residual from the impact of champix. I'm down to .5mg on my champix and will stop this week coming and as that unfolds will be my test. I'll post stats at my 3 month point on the 6th June. They are good in every way...............well, pudding increase not good, alcohol consumption not good. But it doesn't matter at the moment. The smoking quit is the top priority.

  • Omg walkabout a big big smoke free happy birthday to you, I am sure you will really enjoy yourself and as you said one of many celebrations coming up.

    You have achieved so much in the time, keep going you can do this 🍹🎂

  • Happy Birthday Walkabout, no cares if its 1 day or 30 years since you celebrated as a non-smoker, this is the one that matters right now!!!! Have a wonderful day and best wishes for your other celebrations on the horizon.

  • hey its me again:rolleyes: since you posted twice on this thread, I got kind of confused on how to proceed so I figured I'd just follow you lead and post twice as well:o:rolleyes::) I suspect stepping out of the shadow of champix has put you on an edge a bit , not quite sure what to expect and all, but I suspect as the week unfolds, you'll do fantastic!!!. Sure champix has helped you get to where you are today, which I have to say '''' is amazing'''' But It was you that developed the skills you needed along the way, to ward off these silly annoying, desperate 'wants' or 'thoughts' we get. So just keep doing what you have been doing and your stats will speak for themselves next weekend. Btw I just heard from the forum that - effective immediately all stats must exclude any mention of increase in pudding or alcohol consumption as it has been found to be potentially harmful to quits and is currently under investigation:cool:

  • A huge pat on the back from me, those stats are building nicely.

    Your quit is going from strength to strength.


  • Happy Smokefree birthday walkabout. 3 months is a quarter of the way to the penthouse. You are going to get there x

  • Happy Biiiiirthday walkabout! xx

  • Happy birthday hope your celebrating x

  • BRILLIANT!!!! A very happy non-smoking birthday :) I am still feeling 'strange' feelings on the champix.... perhaps due to the champix?

    As Que says, all credit to you :) We still feel withdrawal on champix.... I was out for a week after I increased the dose, so it certainly does not block it all out for sure. You have still needed a tremendous amount of will power to achieve what you have today.

    I am sure a few days after stopping champix you will feel on top of the world!!!! It's all worth it!!!! Great job!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday me old Gemini pal xxxxx :)

  • Hi Walkabout and well done on getting this far, you are doing great. The desire to smoke will fade in time, stay positive. :)

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes and the encouragement folks. Hattie, I wonder if geminians find it harder to stop because we're always in two minds...................Anyway. Still not smoking, dire sore throat (I'm sure smoking used to protect me from these). I'll take 7 more days of .5 mg champix and then deal with the psychological stuff around that. I'm doing okay - if not understating.;)

  • Ha ha! Or always p****d?!

  • Well, yes, you have a point :0)

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