No Smoking Day

day 8 and no smoking clinic are w*********ers

just reached the 8 day mark and have been lucky not to have gone through the errrrrrrrr clearing of the lungs.

the smoking clinic tried to tell me that this is last last 2 week supply of champix.

told them in no uncertain terms that a month is to early i want the full course of 3 months plus some time to weed myself off the drug.

told her i think i have paid enough in ciggie tax to warrant these pills whatever the cost.

i then asked her that she should understand the way ex- smokers feel coming off the ciggies and she said she would not know because she has never smoked.

well that made me say a few polite things like ...THEN DONT PATRONISE ME WHEN I ASK FOR HELP BECAUSE YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO JUDGE.

well sounds like i wont be getting a christmas card off her but i think i can live with that.

and yes if she tries to cut of me champix i will go above her head.

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I put a post on the other thread but I'll put it here too.

That is par for the course with these people. I would have thought that being a former smoker should be a part of the recruiting procedure, but then I suppose that by the same logic you could say that you can't treat crack cocain addiction with have been there either!

Ah well hold them to the recommended course, and best wishes in your continuing quit.



thats ridiculous that they are trying to make u come off it when your not ready!


Totally agree, it even says in the information leaflet (perhaps you should give her a copy to read) it is recommended that you take the FULL course, 12 weeks!!

Good luck and hope that you get your full treatment!


The only comment I am going to make on this is....

The NHS clinics are only good for prescriptions anyway - they know nothing of how to quit smoking. I know more - and that's a damning statement if ever there was one!

If they are going to refuse to even do the one thing they ARE good at, whats the point?

Makes me very angry does the NHS with regards to this subject.


I think that to say that you can only have another 2 weeks supply is absolutely prepostrous. How on earth does she expect a 4 weeks course to do the same job as a 12 weeks course, with possibly a reduced dose for a further 12 weeks, to wean yourself off them.

These postcode lotteries make me Sooooo MAD :mad:. I am lucky insofar as, my Doctor has no problems in prescribing Champix - for the full 6 months if need be. In fact, although l only took it for about 6 weeks in total - 2 weeks before quitting, and 4 weeks after - l still had my prescription for the full 12 weeks, in case l felt that l needed them. They acted like a sort of safety blanket if you like.

If she refuses to continue your course for the full length of time, l would play merry hell and DEMAND to see someone in higher authority than her.

Let us know how you get on.

Love Josie XXX


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