No Smoking Day

Realized ....... is 11 weeks today

hey everyone ,

Hope you are all doing well in your quits!!!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the support they gave me last week when i was at the lowest point i have been at during my quit ! you are all stars and are all doing great ! I honestly think if it wasn't for the support i recieved last week i would have smoked :eek: but i didn't and am well pleased with that .

Anyway i was looking back over my quit so far and all in all it has been pretty smooth going i have had a few wobbles and appart from last week they were when i stepped down patches . i also worked out that i have been quit for exactly 11 weeks today .... YAY ME :D and in a couple more weeks my quit counter will read 3 months ... so as i have done 11 weeks does it mean i continue posting here or move up the ladder ???

Tracey x

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Well done Tracey

That's fantastic.


Well Done:D

A great achievement.


Well done, 11 weeks is awesome.

I know what you mean about the support here, I am pretty certain I would have given in during week 7 if it weren't for the people here telling me things I already knew but had temporarily forgotten - here I am heading for the end of week 10 at full steam!

I tend to go by calendar months so would stay in this room until 3 calendar months is complete... seems to be the way most people do it too.


Hey Tracey - that is great,:D and you just made me realise I have been quit for 9 months today :D:D:


Many congratulations - just keep going!



Congrats on 11 weeks,full steam ahead......:)


well done u r doing great


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