1 month free - what a great Friday that was !!


As the title says ...1 month free - 32 days to be exact! woohooo!!

I feel so much better than i did 32 1/2 days ago , 32 1/2 days ago i was being controlled by nicotine and no matter what i done i would do it with nicotine at the forefront of my mind. I hated myself for this, it seemed almost everytime i lit up i done so with the thought in my mind that very soon i would quit and i would feel so much better. This was a way to allow me to "enjoy" :confused:that cigarette , i couldnt feel guilty about smoking that cigarette when very soon i would be giving up.

Very soon - always meant some other time as long as it wasnt at that precise moment ofcourse. This thought process went on for about 15 years dailly . I always wanted to give up smoking but it was always something that i would get round to another time, as long as it wasnt today!

Alas 32 1/2 days ago i had a moment of clarity , i had ran out of cigarettes , it was 6.00pm on a Friday night . I thought to myself i have a choice here its a choice ive had a million times before , i can go to the shops and get more cigarettes ( Winner ? ) or i could choose the scarey option... Not to smoke ( yikes) !!! Friday night ? not smoke? surely not!

I played a game with myself ...i chose not to smoke for 1 hour till 7 pm then i would go get Fags - i then done it for the next hour - 8pm - and again....it got to 9:30pm and i hadnt smoked for 3 1/2 hours , it was a Friday night im meant to be enjoying myself on a Friday!! I decided i wasnt enjoying my Friday night without my "dancing partner" so i went to bed!

Woke up on saturday morning and thought - wow - Lastnight i done something ive always wanted to do .... and it wasnt swim with dolphins or drive a Formula 1 car...it was more accessible than either of them. I was at this point determined to keep up the good work from the night before .

Its only been 32 days since that night but already i look back at that night with fondness, the night i done something for me ! We all know the benefits of health and wealth that come with not smoking but for me the real benefit is i like who i am now. I want to continue as someone who is in charge of themselves, im my own boss now , self employed so to speak .... i decide now if im going to smoke or not ...and now i think...will i smoke again? well i might , as long as it isnt today! its my choice now if i want to fall back into that Nicotine slave role i played so well or not.

Anyone thinking about giving up should try it...if you havent tried it and you dont like it....try it, you might like it? :) - my only regret is i wished i tried it sooner.

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  • Hi There:)

    Your thought process sounded just like me,"I will get there eventually but not today"Attitude.

    Well not any more were both X-smokers now:D

    Congratulations On your Quit.

    Heres to Health,wealth and Freedom:D

  • Well done, great attitude.

    As time goes by, just tweak that Q & A a bit.

    Q: Will I smoke again?

    A: I really can't see why I'd want to.

    All the best


  • What a great post. Inspirational.

    Very well done on your first month, and a very well deserved pat on the back.

    Awesome. No other word for it, I'm honestly very impressed.

  • What a great post. Inspirational.


    exactly what i was about to write!!

    well done!

  • Bloody well done Chilly! :D Inspirational indeed :D

  • Well done Chilly a big pat on the back for you. Keep it going and you'll soon be up to 2 months.;):);)

    Just put my stats in and it has shown me as 32 days as well so well done to the both of us.:D

    I have been quit for 1 Month, 1 Day, 14 hours, 9 minutes and 18 seconds (32 days). I have saved £219.97 by not smoking 977 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Days, 9 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 09/10/2008 00:00

  • Congrats Jan, that month has gone damn quick!

    well done :D

  • Thanks Stuart - feel quite chuffed about it now I've seen it in black and white so to speak.:):D

  • Thanks all :) proud!!

    Ah well done Jan also , it is a nice achievement getting to a month smoke free! race ya to two months :)

  • Thanks all :) proud!!

    Ah well done Jan also , it is a nice achievement getting to a month smoke free! race ya to two months :)

    Awwwww that's not fair you got a head start:(

    Bet I beat ya though - lol -:D

  • Jan, well done.

    Didn't notice earlier, very well done.

    This time, is THE time!

    All the best


  • Very well done both. your both doing fab. Linda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done to both of you, such an achievement and good luck to whoever reaches month 2 first!;)

  • Great post

    Its messages like this that make the difference... Thanks

  • Great Post Chilly and well done. It sounds like you have it sussed.

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