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No Smoking Day
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Day 7 today - dont feel like a cigarette...just tired

Hi..it's day 7 for me now. I seem to have passed cravings for cigarettes...but am still sufferinjg from sleepless nights...this is getting me down now...as I am really tired and just want to have a good nights sleep.

Still I am hoping that as soon as I do..then it will be all over...and I will feel like a normal person again... its hard to fathom that I had my last fag at 21:15 one week ago today after years of heavy smoking.... maybe it shouldnt be.:)

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You spent a long time smoking and need to let both your body and mind get used to the fact you have stopped.

Some people find that Kalms can help with the sleeplessness, but it should ease over the coming week of its own accord.

Well done the 1st week is the toughest, hang on in there!



Well done on your first week :) keep going you are doing great !!

Tracey x


well done for getting this far. im on day 7 too and am also struggling with sleeping properly. i now have an outbreak of spots too!!! arrrggg

just think how nice that night will be when you finally get that good night you need! i guess its all part of the process


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