No Smoking Day

Champix - Day 3

Just wanted to register my attempt to stop smoking, and here seems a good place.

Have been a smoker 20 years, and get through about 20 a day.

I purchased a course of Champix last week and am now on day 3, and have decided day 8 will be my quit day.

I've read the horror stories and the success stories of using this drug, but basically I'm throwing everything i can at this quit and if Champix helps me with that then great, if not then willpower WILL HAVE TO because either way I have no plans to fail.

So, hello to everyone out there. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Hi jukebox....good luck on your sound positive and determined so that's a brill start.....

I used champix too for 2 weeks and it really did help...i chose day 11 to give the little blus pills a chance....

I started to have vivid and weird dreams so i dropped to one blue pill in the morning....gope they work as well for you as they did me....

jacqui :D


Hello and welcome to the forum.

Great attitude you've got there!

The key to success is to change the way you think of smoking. By quitting you are not sacrificing something, and you are not missing out on a wonderful pleasure, in fact you are gaining something, a healthier way of life.

Read and educate yourself about nicotine addiction and withdrawal. These websites are a good place to start.

Post often, and best wishes



Hello and welcome.:)

I am one of the Champix success stories :)

Took it for 9 weeks in total. It was great as a kick-start. Made the transition from smoker to non smoker relatively painless, but I attribute my continued success to reading loads and really educating myself on the evil weed.

Try the links in my signature :)



I too have found Champix to be wonderful - I took it for just over 6 weeks and quit on day 10. So I weaned myself off it just under 5 weeks into my quit.

The only reason I stopped it was because I felt ready to, not because of any problems.

I think it's a wonder drug for people like me who find cold turkey just too scary and who don't get on with NRT.

I'm with the others on education, without a complete shift of mindset from smoke to non smoker - a permanent quit is very unlikely... and even if you do manage it, it's likely to be a lot more painful that it needs to be. Reading is the key!

All the best with the quit, I hope you stick around.


Hi, I'm another Champix user and am very impressed with the far! I quit on day 8 of taking Champix and by then, I felt relieved I didn't "have" to smoke anymore!!:eek: I'm just starting week 4 and feel very positive, haven't had any cravings as yet. The weird dreams can be a bit strange but, they don't affect my sleep.

Stay positive and read, read, read anything thats offered to you!


hi, i am on champix too. its amazing!!! i never for a second thought it would be as easy as it is! still get a craving about 4pm but to have only 1 a day is like a miracle for me.

im on day 14 of champix and day 7 of not smoking. have had a few side effects like feeling a bit drunk the first few days (not necessarily a bad thing lol) and tiredness but i think the tiredness maybe the crap leaving my body more the the pills - oh and weird dreams too..thats another one.

i was meant to quit on day 5 but i wasnt ready so i left it til day 8 by which point i was no longer "enjoying" the ciggies i was smoking and felt ready to stop

good luck! hope they are as amazing for you as they are for me. x


Thank you all for your replies, links and info, all very useful as I am the sort of person who likes to read and research endlessly before doing something (you should see how long it took me to choose a new TV!!) :D

I've been reading this site for a few weeks which has really helped me to get into the right frame of mind for this. I kept thinking 'yep, i want to be like them... smoke free!'.

Only a few more days and I will be :)



Another Champix user here.

I have found them to be fantastic for me. Had tried every other method under the sun. I am 8 weeks into my quit and have now gone down to one tablet a day as that is all I think I need.

Have had a couple of side effects with them but nothing too bad, certainly nothing that would make me stop taking them.

Good luck, you will succeed.



Welcome jukebox

Look forward to getting to know you. Lindaxxx


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