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No Smoking Day
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Day 10 Champix - Day 3 with no fags

Hi all,

this site looks amazing - so full of encouragement. Just what we all need. I have been ciggy free for 3 days now and at times it is a struggle but i keep thinking of the £250 I fritter away on a monthly basis.

Feeling a tad sick with the Champix but hey - better than coughing my lungs up every morning and it is only for 12 weeks.


Age 48

30 a day habit :(

smoked for 36 years :(

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Hi James and welcome to the forum, good to have you on board.

So 3 days without fags, that means that all the nicotine is now out of your body, how fab is that?

You will find loads of support around here, I would recommend that you read the links in some peoples sigs as they will really help you stay focused and strong.

You can come here to rant or rave, you will find lots of like minded people, lots of great advice, and maybe you might have a laugh or two as well. :D


Well done!!

The sickness feeling with the champix doesn't last long, you've probably read it a million times before, but make sure you take it immediately after eating, and drink lots of water with the tablet.

Good for you on getting to day 3 - stay strong, read and post loads!!!



Thanks for the warm welcome and offers of support. I am gonna do this thsi time around :)


made it thru - off to day 4-7 posts


Hi James, I am in exactly the same situation as you, ie; on Champix and on day 3 with no fags. The cravings are not as bad as I thought they would be so i am quite happy. I keep thinking of my daughter and that keeps me wanting to stay stopped. Good Luck to you in your endeavour to give up the weed x


Well done to you James and Mrs Pag! You're the other one I gave applause to and I felt I must come find you too! Keep using the forum. Remember, you are choosing not to smoke now. Take each day as it comes and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Fi


you will be fine

Hi if you had any drop in your mood with Champix it would have probably happened by now. usually at 5 to 6 weeks you would have felt it.

As for coming off Champix you need to make sure you have all your triggers and coping strategies in place as sometimes the Champix can make it seem very easy. Your receptors (that we all have) and we are born with will be asleep and dormant at three months but they never die or go away. You have to be always vigilent not to be tempted to have a cig or a few puffs as you risk waking them up again and you will be back smoking regulary as sure as god made little apples. You still need to review your commitment to change and don't be tempted to have a puff. The further you travel from being a smoker the easier / richer /healthier you will be Good luck and well done :o



Well done on getting this far, its amazing. I can't wait to say I'm at day three, I'll be buzzing at end of day one.


day 3 and trippin

hey im on day 3 too with champix

wife said i was trippin last night cos i was in a good mood and wouldnt shut up !!!!!, still didnt get a jump though.:D fresh breath clean and clothes keeps me going


Day 3 on Champix, was doing really well yesterday, had a bad night though and struggled a bit this morning, it passed tho. Not getting any unpleasant side effects, that I'm aware of, bit irritable but only a bit. Nicotine will be out of my system by tomoro, it's all me and my own head from there on. Going out for a beer tonight, someones leaving do, which will be a test. How are people generally finding going for a beer?


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