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No Smoking Day
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Champix Day 3 of double the dose

hi All

Well - it is day 3 of 1mg twice a day, the nausea has started which has halved ... yes you heard it right ... halved my fag consumption!

But... last night ... the vivid dreams started! Not only did I dream i was smoking in my sleep ( yes I know dream fags are the safest ones to smoke), but I really thought I was being chased... it like Toy Story meets Chucky with extra teeth thrown in for good measure.... ouch.

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Hi Schrodingerscat :D

Good to hear from you again sorry to hear the nausea has started for you, when I had it I found that by putting back the morning one for a couple of hours it stopped

As for the dreams they don't last for long keep it going


Marg xxxxxxxx


Champix day 3

Hi Marg

I 'll try that with the morning one.

do you know if taking the evening one earlier has any effect on the dreams?


Avril x


Hi Avril :D

Sorry I don't know for sure about the evening one but probably the earlier you take it might help

I always took mine around 6pm does this help at all ??

I didn't have to many dreams but what I did have were real sods

Had one about vampires don't remember it all but I know they were promising that if I smoked they wouldn't bit me HAHA


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Avril,

I take my Champix at 9:30 am and 9:30ish at night - feel very very sick for about an hour after taking them but have never had the bad dreams, thank goodness by the sounds of it :eek:


Champix day 3

Cheers you two - will keep you posted!


I don't think schrodinger ever had a cat....anyone who's ever tried to put a cat in a box knows how alive it is....maybe he used a tortoise, that would make more sense - they don't make any noise, don't have fast flying claws or growl.

Oh and well done on your quit and all that.. and hope the sickness stops.


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