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Day 1 on Champix

Oh wow after smoking since I was 13 years old I have now decided it is time to stop at the ripe old age of 39 (next month) I am having motorbike lessons at the moment so that is what I am aiming for with the money I will be saving by not smoking. Obviously that isnt the only reason I am stopping, but I feel it is time now. I always vowed I would stop by the time I am 40.

I would love to hear experiences from you guys about Champix and giving up smoking and hopefully I can find some friends to help me through this and I can do the same for them.

Good luck everyone if you are giving up, WE CAN DO IT :)

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Good luck Paula :)

Just prepare yourself for the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life, but think of the rewards of being a non smoker, and there are lots of people on this forum in the same boat as you who are here to help. I'm quit three weeks today and the days are whizzing past now :)


Thanks Blondie I dont think I am prepared but I am very determined now. I have literally just taken the first tablet 9.45am lol.. so this is the start.

3 weeks that is fantastic... well done u :) did you use patches or anything? or did you go cold turkey?



I took the mini lozenges for two weeks the went cold turkey (although I do take the odd one if I'm having a drink and get a bad craving). I rarely think of smoking any more during the week, it's strange how your mind and body adapt to a new situation so quickly :)


I did think of the mini lozenge but thought Champix would be better for me.. I hope so anyway.

I look forward to saying I have been 3 weeks without them :)

I should be ok when I am having a drink cause none of my friends smoke, before I hated going out for a ciggie on my own :(

I hope I adapt as quick as you, you should be really proud of yourself :)



good luck paula, i've not tried champix myself, my thinking is we are all individuals, so we take whatever works for us, for me it's the patches that work but whatever way we are cig free and that's the best thing to be :) good luck and yes we DEFINITELY CAN DO IT! :) :D


Hi 5mol<er

Champix is a good idea, you start taking the pills (0.5mg) and carry on smoking while they get into your system and by the 2nd week you are on 1mg twice a day and they stop the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Like you say every person has a different way of doing this, I tried the patches and they didnt work for me. At the end of the day which ever way we go about it, it will be good being ciggie free definately.

Good luck to you as well :):):)



Good luck Paula

Im on day one (again) too, ive written on day one on here 3 times now over the past year or so, im so determined this year. I tried champix last year, it really didnt agree with me, i had to stay on 0.5 all the time, as soon as i went to 1mg i couldnt get off the sofa, i did manage to stop on them though, albeit for a couple of weeks, silly cow went back on them as soon asi came off the pills ( i did stop them 8 weeks early i think though, so that could be the reason why lol) i couldnt believe it when i woke up on day 10 with not a craving in sight. Anyway i hope you have better luck than me, i know 5 people that have stopped successfully using champix, im using the inhalator, havent had a cig since 11pm yest, i did put a patch on too but i felt so ill this aft, as soon as i took it off i felt fine. (sorry for rambing lol)

Good luck and ill see you in day 2 :-)

Rachel xx


Hi Rachel

Thanks for your post, I am hoping that I dont get any bad side effects from the Champix, I have heard some bad stories but also some positive stories.

You have been back to day 1 3 times but you still havent given up giving up so I am sure you can do this. I am very determined to do this now so fingers crossed.

Good luck and I will see u on day 2... keep going :):):):)

Paula x


well done Paula,:) pleased for you, day 1 done now :cool:


Thanks Kitkat

I am still smoking for now but have cut down alot, so now cant wait to stop completely... in a very positive place at the moment :)

Cant wait to say I AM A NON SMOKER yayayay



yay indeed,

its so great to recognise you are in a positive place right now isnt it! lets keep on going! it can only get better :)


Hey 5mol<er

How u doing today?

I am in a very posititive place now, My mum is getting on my nerves a bit.. she used to smoke and gave up about 15years ago so she is the most anti smoker ever. She seems to think the pills will work from day one. asking me if I have stopped after just 2 days of pills. Like I said to her Rome wasnt built in a day lol.. I love her dearly dont get me wrong but I wish I hadnt told her now.

Sorry about the little rant!! have a good day everyone :):):):)



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