No Smoking Day
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My reasons for quitting

1. Money

2. health, and waking up in the morning and relising only have one fag left to see me through the morning , so having to run out and buy more.

3. feeling like i have a dead rat in my mouth after a night of smoking and drinking.

4. being only 31 and struggling to get fit at all.

5. clothes stinking of fags, and when you get on the bus you really do stink of cigarettes.

6. but most of all my daughter asking me for the last year to quit.

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Plenty of reasons there,

I remember only too well the situation of wanting a smoke at 11pm looking in the pack and trying to weigh up whether to have one and leave early for work the next day so I could stop and buy some more or to try and get through top morning without. Usually it was leave for work early!

I can't believe that my life was so totally ruled by smoking:(


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