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Yay! I made it to a month

I have made it to this thread and havent smoked for a month today. Used some NRT to get here but Ive made it this long without smoking and Im very happy.

Really hope I can get through the next month smoke free and them when the nights are longer and warmer I can start training in the evenings ready for my 10K in june.

The amount of energy I seem to have is so much better than when I was smoking so really hope I can keep off them and keep going. Stray stong everybody!

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Well done Dave. It amazing the amount of energy you gain isn't it (well not for me at the moment as I have flu and can't do anything grrr)

You will be able to get yourself trained and ready for your 10k in no time. Should hopefully start warming up a bit soon, at least I blooming hope it does lol.



Well done Dave :D, there's a few of us on the one month target today so we should all give ourselves a pat on the back as it's not been the easiest ride (well for me anyway:().



And that goes to all of you on your 1 month anniversary!!!

Be proud, we are!!!

Shaz x


congrats dave!! today is 31 days for me!! we made it so far and can continue to do so keep it up and be proud!!


Well done, one-monthers!! I'm only a few days ahead of you really so I count myself as one of the January bunch. 41 days for me. A rocky road, still tough at times, but definitely improving.

We, collectively, ROCK, do we not? :D


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