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No Smoking Day
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Pat on my back!

Hi guys/gals, not often i come on here but i am luckily enough to be able to say.... "i reached the year mark!"....... very very proud of myself and congrats to all others.

Is it me, but when i told work it was a year the other day they all seemed shocked how quick it has gone!.... Still trying to do somink about the 2 stone weight gain.... hate it!. Anyone else had a problem with weight and if so , any hints to speed the motab???? as you can guess i cant spell the full word lmao:p

Anyhow , well done who have got this far, the rest is easy peeeeeesey!

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hi cazzy ,,,, welldone 1 year is fantastic im on day 101 so far but i will be on the year mark in due course cant give you any advice on the quit as i think youve got that sussed out ,, but all i can say is i havent gained any weight ive allways been a bit overweight and to be honest ive increased my exercise cut out the takeaways and booze and ive actually lost weight i think tho gaining weight is better than poisoning yourself with all that smoke ,your lungs are now so much healthier you should be able to lose it easier as your fitness increases well good luck and a big well done again you have achieved something that many want to do but dont have the willpower to complette it

keep it up heres to another year

best wishes


ady :)

ps dont smoke


Sorry I missed this thread congrats on a year thats great ......Thanks for coming by...;)


Hi Cazzy

I missed it too babe. well done there are a lot of quitters from last sumer making the year mark. Congrats hope to get there myself Jan the 1st. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Very well done :D:D


well done cazzy 1 year that great


Blooming marvelous!:)

Keep that room tidy, cos I'm halfway there! :D


Well done to you thats excellent shaz


very well done :):)

The only thing I can say about the weight,is time to start doing exercise if you can


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