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Day 6 getting my bounce back slightly

OK I didn't jump out of bed with my usual get up and go but there was an improvement it was a mid way between leaping and sort of falling out side ways lol. Yayyyyyy its a week tomorrow sooooo excited the girls done good.

Good luck Ben we will soon be moving up a level and our first week is nearly done :D

Nikki - Free and Healing for Five Days, 6 Hours and 54 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 8 Hours, by avoiding the use of 106 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £33.16.

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Well done Nikki,you are doing great.Am day 6 too today.Was up until 4.30am last night,no idea why,wide awake, would of gone out for a jog but if the police were about I would of looked like I'd escaped from somewhere......

Be proud of yourselves fellow quitters x



Day 6 yeh, well done nikki/mummi. I feel better today but i think that is just down to it being Friday more than anything else. I still struggle to get to sleep even though i feel knackered but struggle more getting out of bed.

Going to try and rest this weekend although first beer outing tomorrow night of 2012, going to be a test!

Have a good day all!


Morning all day 6ers im also day 6 today :)

Good luck with your first night out tomorrow ben

Im glad to be still quit but my runny nose and sore throat is driving me crazy!!!!

Damn you cold!!!

Right best get ready for work:D

See you later



your doing so well and tomorrow is the last day of the first week so you deserve to celebrate

sorry i dont want to be a party pooper or anything but you have to be on your guard even more if your going out and doing your normal weekend activities as you are going to have ciggy associations including smokers :eek:

so be extra vigilant if you get a craving just remember to breathe slowly through it and try and distract your hands and mind sip a glass of water chew some gum or suck on a mint as it will pass

onwards and upwards


Sorry to butt in, but i'm day 6 too so thought i'd join in!! well done to us!!!! today has been 100 times better than days 1-5. i really struggled with brain fog and strong cravings, but today has been good and i haven't had too many cravings... lets hope it continues!! i have had the opposite to most people - i can't stop sleeping!! am going to bed really early and don't want to get up in the morning, but i have always loved my sleep anyway :) good luck tommorrow ben, just smell your mates when they come in from having a smoke and think how smelly it is!! also think how proud you'll feel and how much you can brag to us all on here when you do it :) i'm not brave enough to have a drink yet so show us it can be done! ha ha x


Had a good and bad day today, first good sat in my friends kitchen she had a fag (think she forgot I had stopped) lol and it didn't even bother me. The bad just got back from the hospital I have a chest infection can't breath in hardly just tiny breaths which was making me dizzy. Got back and anti biotics at the ready :(


May sound strange but I actually still like the smell of smoke,walked past a couple of people smoking today and wanted to stop and smell the smoke for a min,I miss my fags,I so do.That is not to say I am giving up on giving up,I will never smoke again,never,but I just miss it!Nearly to day 7 so onwards and upwards x


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