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hi people me back again

hi people yep its me timothy1964

my last posting was a year ago and was so proud of myself for hitting 100 days and no smoking but...........

i did not heed my own advice to others and like an idiot i smoked just 1 ciggie.

you guessed it i was hooked all over again smoking day in day out.

well i have made my excuses and from this saturday its day 1 of my no smoking.

i can remember the brilliant times of going all day without wanting a ciggie and the bad times of getting huge urges to smoke and i was a fool for smoking again.

so i want my life back and this time i am going to get it.

brilliant to see this web site still going strong... have not been here for a year because i felt embarrassed and that i no longer belonged to the brill no smoking club.

but if its alright with you people WHERE DO I SIGN UP XXXXXXXXX

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Looks like you already have - congrats on your decision - roll on sat ;)



Hi Tim

Welcome back! no need to feel embarassed you won't be the first and you certainly will not be the last. You know the ropes now lets see you get that quit back on the road. Good Luck





Yep, roll on Saturday Tim. Dont be aprehensive about it, embrace it! Over-worrying about it all can bring a quit down faster than a lead balloon. Its not really painful, even if it is somewhat uncomfortable, depending on your personal reading of the situation. But who hasnt dealt with that before successfully?!

Be confident, try to be happy with your decision and you'll do fine. Heres to a non smoking you.


we will see you here on Sat :)

dont be late ;)


Hi Tim, good luck for your Quit on sat, we will all be here waiting for you.:D


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