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No Smoking Day
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back again :) miss me?

Hey all,

It's me! I'm back again!!! I wasn't really thinking about stopping to be honest with you coz I have got a lot going on atm. But after reading Allen Carr's book (EasyWay to Stop Smoking) - which I highly recomment to anyone trying to stop its gold! Went to bed last night, had fag, but this morning (I've been up since 7) and I've not even thought of cigarettes. Not even a niggling feeling! Wow!

So I'm doing it. End of. :)

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Its crazy to think by just reading a book its made you want to quit probably one of the most disgusting habits you have had...

I am currently on day 6 of no smoking and feeling great for it, although the horrible cough i have, but i suppose i can put up with it.

Well done and good luck for the future x



Yea I didn't think that would be the case but hey presto! I've gone through this day and I've felt a couple of twinges, but nothing that I can't handle!! I also feel a little more energetic now as well, but so far I have not used it lol!

Read the book, even if you have already stopped, it will give you some really useful information.

Well done on ur day 6 mark - tomorrow will be a week :)

All the best



well done on ure quit ...day 2 now xx u must be proud xx xx


The Alan Carr 'stuff' is very good. I went to one of his smoking clinics on my first quit which nailed it instantly for the best part of a year. Then I used the audio book after my moment of weakness (which continued for several months!)

Now heading towards month 4 without too many issues or traumas.

Good luck, I hope the inspiration sticks.


Welcome back

Well done for trying again. I had read Alan Carr's book a couple of times, but wasn't in the right frame of mind. I was going to pick it up again, but went for the lazy option and ordered the DVD instead!!

Just got to get round to watching it now!! Although I am on day 50 today, still not thinking of myself as a non-smoker, more like a smoker that's stopped for a while (that doesn't make much sense!).

I think a dose of Alan Carr should do the trick. Hopefully!



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