Nicotine The Dream Machine

Well now into day 8 . It seems that this nicotine gum really livens up the dreaming . I have heard of lots of dreams with patches : ) Anyone else on the gum having dreams ? This morning I had a heart scan in my dream and a doctor was telling me I must not smoke . The second dream that woke me up feeling terrible is that I am actually smoking . Its nice when you wake up realising you were only dreaming . Anyone else had this ? Perhaps its the subconcious mind getting used to the change of habit .

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  • Hello Peter

    I'm not sure its anything to do with the Nic, more the fact that youve smaked up poking. (as my 3 year old would say)

    I quit CT and in the early days would often have dreams that I was smoking in.

    I awoke horrified and relieved if that makes sense!

    I really cant remember the last time I had dreams about smoking, they seem to have gone back to the sexy ones.

    Good luck mate:)

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