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Hi all i'm new here.

Congrats to everyone who has given up, am sure you will do fantastically.

I am on my 62nd day today and am loving it!!!!!

From reading other peoples posts I think I have been realyl lucky in my attempt to give up as I haven't had any cravings at all. I literally just gave up and that was that. Has been pretty amazing considering I live with my fiance and his parents and him and his mum both smoke!!!

Hopefully I'll get to know you all :)

Take care



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Hi Tamtam

well don u - and wellcome aboard



welcome to the boards tamtam.

plenty give up stress-free and have no need of forums or props.

Having a rough ride is not compulsory..!!

stay strong and well done..!



Having a rough ride is not compulsory..!!


*restrains self*

Welcome Tamtam - well done on your quit.


Good on ya Tamtam ... its great you have no craves but don't get complacent, its when we don't expect them that they hit and if we are in a weak patch ... well ... don't bear thinking about, lets just say some people have blipped by more than one fag on more than one occasion and thats a situation none of us want to be in.

Anyway, congratulations and I hope your quit carries on for you in the same way it has been up to now :D

ur gettin at me arnt u :o they were only puffs honest prob a whole fag made out of the lot of them - hangs head in abstract shame and misery :(


haha - my mum did that once - it hurt (never hit b4 or since) who said i was spoilt?????????


Welcome on board Tamtam and good luck with your quit. You get really good advice on this forum so keep popping in and, if you like, also give your twopennorth. Every bit of advice helps.


who said i was spoilt?????????

*Discreetly points at Catwoman*


Tamtam - don't let us lot put you off - stomping all over your thread:o

Just know that you are welcome (and there are some really strange people on here!!!);)


and that it takes one to know one C x


Welcome Tamtam - and well done 62 days CT :)

As the "others" (Oh, yes there are others!:eek:) have said, don't get too cocky, I stopped for 8 months last time and "blipped!" :eek: And there's someone on here started again after TWO YEARS!!!!!! :eek: OMG!


Thanks for all of your replies. I know I may sound sure of myself but I dont think I will start again. My fiance and his mum are always smoking right infront of me and in my car etc and I never feel like one. Plus I have banned my fiance from kissing me when hes had one cos it absolutely stinks! Its dreadful! haha

Its been fantastic as I havent been eating to stop myself from wanting one so I havent put on weight or anything :) Best thing I have ever done

And my bit of advice is.....

1) dont set a date, you will only keep putting it back. Just stop and stay stopped!

2) keep yourself busy so you dont want one :)

Good luck to everyone :D


welcome Tamtam and well done on your quit-very lucky to have no cravings:)

stay strong...stay quit...



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