No Smoking Day

thanks all

hi Della,

dont worry too much about the weigh gain. its better to put some weigh on

than to be smoking. it will sort itself out. but still early days yet. i have put

on a few pounds also. but at least im not smoking. try and get your-self an

hobby. im doing reading and watching some dvd. its work for me. let me know

how you get on.

hi johntkd

i will go back to dentist. should be bit better by now. take care...

hi BillG.

i will try that. see how i get on. feel good now not wanting to go out every 5

mins for a smoke. and the money im saving:D take care

hi barb.

hope your ok. will try and catch you on tomorrow. keep the good work going.

you are helping me lots;)

take care everyone,




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