No Smoking Day

Made it to day 4!

I just wanted to say a big Hurrah! And a big Hurrah to everyone else on this site whatever stage of the their quit!

I really feel like I am over the worst - I believe the first three days are the hardest - according to my system is nicotine free after 3 days.

The test was last night when I met up with some old work colleagues for some dinner and drinks....I possibly had one glass of wine too many...and possibly shouldn't have opted for desert as well, but didn't have a fag and that's the main thing!

I think everyone has heard of the odd person who can have a fag every now and then when they are out and none any other time....and the little nicomonster in my brain does whisper to me that I could be one of those people - just have one! But really I know that I can't be like that...ok I could have one in that night, but chances are I'd be buying fags the next day.....I am a great big addict, and its all or nothing for me - think that's why my other quits have failed in the past...I thought I was invincible, and not that addicted....and I was so wrong!

Cheers for all your support guys!

Laura x :D

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Wow well done laura, sounds like you had a nice meal out and well done you for staying strong ;)

Belinda x x x

I have been quit for 5 Days, 16 hours, 9 minutes and 19 seconds (5 days). I have saved £30.12 by not smoking 141 cigarettes. I have saved 11 hours and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 18/04/2008 18:00


Cheers Belinda,

And well done to you - I see you are on day 5 - how are you holding up?

Laura :)



I had a rough day yesterday, but having a reasonable day today :)

I am using the niquitin CQ lozenges and went through 9 yesterday but Only had 2 so far today.

Im looking forward to the day when I dont give fags a second thought.

Belinda x x x


Three cheers for Laura! :D Yip - all that horrid nicotine is out of your system now :)

Stay as positive as your are and you'll have this thing in the bag m'dear :)

Well done!!!!! :)


Well done both you will get there.


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