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after all,


hi all,

how are you all doing this afternoon, not too good a day here. raining on

and off, can't make it mind up. nice to be here in month 2, things are geting

better, feel so good, got family and friends coming round tonight for few

birthday drinks and a chinese:)

then tomorrow having a nice day, just me and my other half;),,, really nice

seeing so many new one coming on here. this forum really do help, and so do

all of you here with your experiences... thanks.

got to go now, hope to be on later, take care everyone.

Alan :D

smoke 35 + a day,

Quit on 12/3/08,

1 month, 6 days, 15 hours,

cigs not smoke, 1,317

money saved so far, 352, 32p

life saved, 4 days, 13 hours, 45 mins


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thanks a lot KD.

last week want'nt too good, but now im back to my old strong self. ready for

anything. just had few beers and feel great, thanks for all your help. and

everyone els. you been great. THANKS:D


Yeah its great that there are new people coming on. Makes the place more vibrant doesn't it?

hi maddy.

it sure does. nice to see that others feel the same as us about smoking.

not easy giving up some-thing we love doing, but also we know is bad for us,

we just need to keep going, and not look back.

enjoy your evening, all the best


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