No Smoking Day
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Essex Girl Joke

Have resorted to reading jokes rather than working to get over this MASSIVE craving.... day 4 just has to be better than this.

An Essex girl was driving down the A13 when her car phone rang. It was her boyfriend, urgently warning her, "Treacle, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on the A13. Please be careful!"

"It's not just one car!" said the Essex girl, "There's bloody hundreds of them!"

i am an essex girl but i cant even drive so that makes me a greater form of stupid than this one lol...

My nose and lips and toes and fingers tingle... i know this is the blood coming back to them because they also feel warmer than normal. The tingling is not a nice sensation but the warmth afterwards is. Just shows how this was damaging me!

Seems that some people are affected worse by smoking than others- strange really but- this would explain why some people really dont have any urgency to give up, and some seem to just give up with no problem at all.

These more often than not are the people who then admit that they still have 3 a day so they havent really given up at all. They are still doing the damage and probably even worse, are spending the whole day craving inside for the 3 that they will allow themselves, but are either not in touch enough with their feelings to recognise they are under this influence still, or just in denial.

But as i just said to someone i work with who is a part time- in denial smoker, why do it at all if you say you dont miss them when you dont have them. They are bad for you so if you dont crave why smoke? For someone who wants to give up so badly and finds it so hard this is insanity anyone agree?

Some people dont seem to get the withdrawal symptoms i do- i get an insane look in my eye, i dont sleep (really need sleep tonight please please please) i get the tingles as already described and also i get erratic moods. Im not looking forward to them.

On day 4 the cravings subside, you were all right about that i know, but i'll turn into psycho-beast-girl with all the power of the fury of hell. Trust me i know. It was actually day 4 when i split up with my boyfriend last week, i cant even remember what i said- it was shear rage!!! I really feel sorry for my friend tomorrow having to deal with me!!!!! Prob hand her some duct tape as soon as i see her to gag me if necessary.

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hi riv ... i know where your coming from gir,.l im in the same place ..things have to get worse before they get better as my old gran used to say . but hey at least we can laugh about it . hang on in there and we'll see you tmrw.. or later xxxx ;)


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